Review – Is it a scam?

DreamTrips Life, which you can find at, is a website that promotes a travel membership club. According to its webpage, signing up will allow you to enjoy your dream vacation – a 5-star quality vacation at a 2 or 3-star price. In order to enjoy their travel privileges and money-earning opportunities, you need to pay an activation fee and a fixed monthly fee.

More about DreamTrips Life

This club works the same way as companies like CostCo and Sam’s Club. They buy in bulk (tickets, hotel accommodations, and other travel-related commodities) to earn a discounted price. They lure consumers to be part of their club by promising that they will have a vacation sooner as they no longer have to worry over hefty fees often associated with traveling.

During their anniversary, members will gain additional points, where each point is equivalent to 1 dollar. This can then be used to earn additional discounts for every trip that you’re planning to have through DreamTrips Life. Aside from this, the website also features an online mall which is comprised of over 900 stores. Other than that, it also has a money-earning opportunity.

Final thoughts on may seem promising but travel membership clubs in general have a bad reputation especially in fulfilling their travel-related promises to their customers. The best way to check on them is to contact a member who is not affiliated in any way to this club and ask about the way it works.

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