Vaccine Passports Appear to Be Destroying Ontario’s economy: Ontario’s top doctor revealed that vaccine certificates could be phased out-Only Used For Mass Gatherings – October 16, 2021,

Blah, blah, blah, Canada is going broke, and if Canadians remember it was the Jean Chretien Liberals, not the Brian Mulroney Conservatives who began cutting the size of government, the last time Canada went broke. Rule by decree money has really been pushed to its limits the last couple of years. Canada actually had a housing crash, Justin Trudeau avoided it by bailing out banks and Canadian citizens.

The bill for all that debt is piling up fast and tax collection is drying up. Many of us see the writing on the wall, that the governments are going to raise taxes, which is hilarious when you think about it because all levels of government (Federal, Municipal, and Provincial) are adding more regulations to the economy. I keep hearing the words “Stagflation” being thrown around, but private businesses are hiring, these include businesses hiring ENTRY level employees by the way. So where’s the stagflation in that? This is new territory we’re in right now, and the numbers don’t lie, we’re headed for bankruptcy.

Why it appears that we’re not headed for bankruptcy is that we have a Fiat money system, in Canada, we enjoy the status of being one of the world’s reserve currencies, we’re a developed nation and we have control over our money supply. But you see costs are costs and when the cost on the private sector continue to rise because we’re becoming increasingly dependent on China, it’s not like in the past when we could subsidize industries right here at home, no, we’re more dependent than ever on IMPORTS and the cost of imports are what they are.

Sure we can produce our own gas in Canada, but there are enough regulations on that sector that makes it more profitable for those companies to EXPORT rather than sell domestically. Adding fuel to the fire are these vaccine passports, let’s ignore the morality and a two-tiered society argument for now.

Let’s talk about vaccine passports and the economy I think like 5+ million Canadians aren’t vaccinated and another 5+ million Canadians aren’t FULLY vaccinated, that’s a lot of people who now have the right not to participate in the economy. Furthermore you have a lot of people in Canada who were dependent on the government to survive PRIOR to the Pandemic, I would assume to keep getting their government welfare, these people would be vaccinated, so my assumption is that these pandemic regulations are most likely affecting Canada’s Working classes?

In my opinion, the unvaccinated are going to win these battles against the government, it makes no sense to most of us that the vaccinated should have to worry about the unvaccinated. If someone wants to remain unvaccinated, well, hey it’s their funeral, right? People, who take the polio vaccine as an example don’t have to worry about the people who don’t take the polio vaccine?

Polio is far more deadly than this virus, so I get that the governments want to get as many people vaccinated as possible, that’s what a good government does, but shooting yourself in the foot to get people to get vaccinated from my point of view appears to be a recipe for disaster.

Vaccine Certificates Could Be Phased Out & Only Used For Mass Gatherings, Says Ontario Doc |

Interesting times ahead!