Vaccine Passports: Beginning November 8, 2021, Justin Trudeau may find himself with 4+ Million Canadians Who Could Be Very Problematic, if the economy tanks the problem may accelerate – November 1, 2021,

Whether you agree with Vaccine Passports or not, doesn’t matter really, what a vaccine passport is, it’s an additional regulation on society, the economy, and there are unexpected costs associated with vaccine passports, that quite frankly I can’t even fathom at the moment. Unlike other diseases that REQUIRE  vaccinations to travel, it is likely that Covid-19 will continue to mutate in the future, there are people fully vaccinated who are still catching the pandemic virus, and well, this has a vaccine passport update written all over it.

Recently Maxime Bernier posted that he was in Florida, and he brought up the vaccine passports, being honest I had forgotten that November 8, 2021, was the date this silly regulation would be enforced. But it’s coming and less than 75% of  Canadians are fully vaccinated, now obviously more than 4 million Canadians aren’t vaccinated, but I used that number because 8+ million unvaccinated people prevented or limited from using federally controlled services will make Canada a very interesting place.

Now, who knows, maybe this move will make more Canadians get the vaccination, but then again, this could accelerate Canadians using U.S airports, Justin Trudeau might inadvertently create an entirely new market or even black-market. In the U.S their laws are different, they will ask you to take a Covid-19 test at the U.S-Canada border if not vaccinated, and well, for some that’s better than being forced to take the vaccine.

Being that the travel and tourism industry is going to be hurting worldwide, there is no telling what might happen in the coming months, there are already countries that don’t care too much about vaccine mandates, and you never know with these things, what I do know is that this Justin Trudeau vaccine mandate is a regulation on the Canadian economy and it’s going to affect a lot of Canadians and might even make Canadians change their behavior.

One of the interesting things about these vaccine mandates is over 64,000 Canadians are medical tourists to the United States and other countries. Canadians often brag about Universal Health Care, but the flaw with government health care is WAIT TIMES, so this is something to watch because I suspect many people who fear complications with the vaccine won’t be taking it and if they’re banned from using airports, this could become a story, too watch.

Interesting times ahead