Review – Is it a scam?

Vector Marketing of is an affiliate training program that claims to help you earn as much as $16 per hour by selling a popular line of products. Just like the usual practice of affiliate marketing, Vector Marketing has a product to endorse to and this is the Cutco line of products. Cutco is undeniably a known brand but the problem here lies with the way Vector Marketing ‘trains’ apprentices.

More about Vector Marketing

According to the webpage of Vector Marketing, this work-at-home opportunity that they’re offering suits well housewives and students as this doesn’t call for a lot of hours to work into just to earn $16 per hour. However, in order to get started with it, you need to pay $150 for a demo kit that they’re going to ship to you. The kit basically includes text and videos to help you learn how to set up a website and promote the line of products.

The quality of the training materials are no good. In fact, those who have used it claim that they haven’t earned $16/hour as promised. Also, consumers have found out that Vector Marketing is setting restrictions on what to sell. This, in turn, could limit your earning potential.

Final thoughts on

Affiliate marketing is a legit way of earning money online. But you don’t have to pay for a training kit to learn it. There are free resources online that you can look into in order to learn the trade.

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