Via Justin Trudeau & The Federal Canadian Dairy Commission, the price of milk & dairy products expected to increase 8.4% or higher “Fuel’s a lot higher, transportation, electricity, fertilizer” – November 5, 2021,

To put this in its proper context, the lack of competition in Canada’s milk and dairy products allows The FEDERAL Canadian Dairy Commission to raise prices based on its own metrics at the expense of the taxpayer. Justin Trudeau’s decision on how to tackle climate change from a legal perspective should be considered collusion between himself and the Federal Canadian Dairy Commission because all the reasons listed as to the reasons the price increase are the result of Justin Trudeau

“We’re certainly glad to see this price increase,” said Paul Gaunce, chair of the Dairy Farmers of New Brunswick.

“If we look at the cost of production, it’s certainly gone up a lot the last year and a half with, basically, COVID costs,” Gaunce said. “Fuel’s a lot higher, transportation … electricity, fertilizer.”

Milk, cheese prices could jump 10 to 15 per cent ‘almost overnight’ | CBC

The reasons outline to justify their price increase have little to do with what the Provinces are doing, the majority of the reasons listed are due to how Justin Trudeau and his FEDERAL government decided to deal with what he imagines is a climate change crisis. I’m personally against the idea of Canada having a dairy cartel, but Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada couldn’t win a single seat in the house of commons, so the end result of all of this are unnecessary higher prices, with no one to stand up for consumers.

In America and other countries, they haven’t taken the same path to tackle climate change and of course, our soviet style dairy cartel worsens the problem for Canadians. The worst problem in all of this will be Canada’s private sector who will get the blame for this from most consumers. This is so disgusting and the natural laws of the universe will correct this problem.

Milk, cheese prices could jump 10 to 15 per cent ‘almost overnight’ | CBC

Interesting times ahead!