Victory for Freedom, Tyrannical Government in Canada declares state of emergency on peaceful protestors-Ottawa declares state of emergency as police boost enforcement, target protest’s fuel supply – February 7, 2022,

Now, although the State of emergency was declared via the city of Ottawa, the Mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson described the situation in the nation’s capital as the “the most serious emergency our city has ever faced.”? Sure whatever, the protest was actually geared towards Justin Trudeau and the Federal government mandates, but Justin Trudeau refused to talk with the protestors out of fear, and the city of Ottawa mayor for his own reason, has deployed the municipal police to deal with a problem that Justin Trudeau created.

My opinion on the matter is ‘meh’, it was probably Justin Trudeau’s plan all along, it is after all a weekday, Justin Trudeau can claim victory, and I assume for Justin Trudeau he can imagine this event was a political victory. The point of a peaceful protest is to let the government know of your displeasure. Being that my focus is on the economy, and inflation is running rampant, in the end Trudeau might be doing the protestors a favor as inflation is about to really start to become problematic for Justin Trudeau in the coming months.

Trudeau’s government is in record levels of debt as are many Canadians, the Bank of Canada is talking about raising rates a few basis points, but as I like to point out the problem with this current economy is the cost of doing business-it’s way too expensive and it’s expensive primarily because of the Trudeau’s regulations on the economy.

Are price controls coming? I’m not sure, but price controls tend to accelerate shortages and consumer price inflation, has rental controls lowered rent prices? So for the freedom convoy, what this equates to in the end is a victory, because their protest served as a warning for coming problems to the Canadian economy and I suspect the Inflation and shortages problems are going to really become a problem in the coming months when the “freedom convoy” is yesterday’s news.

Even if Trudeau wants to ease covid restrictions on his own time, he’d be wise to do it soon, because all the numbers point to a recession and I have to remind the reader that a recession during an inflation period in which interest rates are near zero, can quickly dissolve into a depression.

I’ve been writing about BANKRUPTCIES for months now, the purpose of Zero Interest Rate Policies(ZIRP) and Quantitative Easing(QE) was to avoid bankruptcies, well more money spent on purchasing fewer goods and services while Canadians remain in record levels of debt sounds like a coming economic depression if you ask me!

Ottawa declares state of emergency as police boost enforcement, target protest’s fuel supply |

Interesting times ahead!