Victory for The Freedom Convoy Justin Trudeau sends the RCMP to move in on Alberta blockade – February 2, 2022,

a protest can only last so long, the end goal of a protest is to get people’s attention on a particular issue, I would say goal accomplished, we’re still a civil society and as many of us are learning from the far-left, sometimes you just have to protest until the government forces you to stop. Glad there wasn’t any violence, I think in Ottawa there were two arrests and it wasn’t anything major as far as I know.

Trucker protest: 2 arrested, charged as Ottawa police says crowd continues to thin |

Where do we go from here, you ask? Well, my dear lazy friend, you keep fighting for freedom and liberty in your own unique peaceful way, this doesn’t end, each one of us of course needs our times of rest and relaxation, we can’t protest 24/7/365 we have families and lives, the Berlin wall was torn down, by constantly targeting the source of tyranny.

Even though socialists ruined east Germany, the socialists are back in power in Germany, wherever left-wingers find liberty and freedom, they’ll push their security and tyranny agenda, it’s merely our job as liberty lovers to explain the differences to people, you have to be considerate of the people in your country, many have been brainwashed, many get their information from the television or people they imagine to be “experts”.

Furthermore, not everyone wants liberty and freedom, it’s one of the reasons a well-constructed Federation allows people who want Liberty and Freedom to congregate together. In Canada, we have a transfer payments problem, meaning that Left-Wing ideas benefit from the wealth generated by liberty lovers. It makes our mission for Liberty much harder than that of America’s.

In America as an example, you can see the differences between California and Florida, California can not benefit from Florida’s economic miracle, instead, Californians must live with the consequences of their Left-Wing leadership. The end result is that Florida’s economy grows while California’s doesn’t, now no matter what a Left-Wing politician in America says, it won’t change the realities on the ground.

In Canada, Alberta and Saskatchewan as an example are punished via transfer payments for implementing better economic policies than Quebec. Quebec had some of the strictest covid-19 policies in the world, why? Because of transfer payments, no matter what policies the Quebec government implements it expects its economy to be bailed out from Ottawa.

What does this mean ultimately? It equates to an entirely different style of governorship for Alberta and Saskatchewan Premiers. In these transfer payments, schemes Federation immorality in government can spread much faster and it will be hard to sell liberty and freedoms to Canadians who might be the beneficiaries of Big Government tyranny.

It’s just the reality of the situation, so with that said, you have to take the victories wherever they come, thank you to all the liberty and freedom fighters in Canada, keep fighting for Liberty!


RCMP move in on Alberta blockade

Interesting times ahead!