Review is it a scam

When I first looked at and analyzed I actually thought it was a pretty simple idea, in fact I thought it was too simple, that was until I used their trial and put what they taught me into practice. The main reason I signed up initially was because I’ve personally clicked the ‘like’ Facebook button for people’s webpage on plenty of occasions. This is what I think people might overlook about this opportunity. Viral videos are real. At the time I signed up for the  2011 film Limitless  had a promotion all over YouTube, I used the platform to get the word out about NZT, to date this is still my best running campaign there.

I got so much feedback from my friends who shared it with their friends that I had to post a video explaining NZT on Viral videos are real but until you get on board you won’t fully grasp what they’re talking about. Personally I don’t sell anything on my urls I make money through pay per clicks. What viral means to me is free web traffic it can also mean bringing people to all of your websites and offers? The link below is NZT page that I brought people too after I showed them the NZT video. To date that page received over 8000 hits and I think you can find it on Google too

Understanding the power of viral video’s with video’s people like

People typically don’t like to be sold anything, so if you have a nicely designed video page with a video on it and advertising that blends in nicely with the video people typically won’t even think about how you’re making your money, which in turn will make them recommend the video to their friends. Do you follow me here? If you don’t then visit YouTube, go to a famous person’s YouTube page like Michael Jackson and look at the advertising notice how it blends in with the page, now watch the video and notice how your own eyes might browse to the Michael Jackson advertising banner. Now picture this you’re only one person, now imagine if people – Facebook ‘like’ your page and so on and so forth that’s part of what I’m talking about. It can be HUGE!

Click here to for the video forward website Step by step instructions and my personal recommendation

Whenever I sign up for anything I follow the instructions when you sign up even if you’re a pro at this stuff I highly recommend following their instructions. I can be stubborn at times myself and had I not followed their instructions I could have been out allot of money. Honestly is not that type of product you have to promote to your friends you could probably make more money not recommending it to you friends. It’s a much better idea in my opinion to “say hey check out this new Michael Jackson video” rather than say to them “hey, want to make some money online”.

Another thing I don’t recommend doing is getting lazy. Like you’ll find out it’s not hard to make a thousand dollars a month online from this stuff. Ron Douglas’s to me is one of the smartest idea’s to hit the internet. Mainly because it’s a win win situation for everyone involved.

Click here to for the video forward website