My Views on Outsourcing

Hey I wound up writing more than I anticipated so if you prefer to skip my ranting just scroll to the bottom of the post for more information!

So what are my views on outsourcing you ask? I think it’s great this is the World Wide Web and certain people are better equipped to do certain jobs. I know people from India who outsource certain jobs to the Philippines I know people from the Philippines who outsource jobs to India. I know people from India who outsource jobs to the United States I know people from the U.S who outsource jobs to Canada I know Canadians who outsource certain jobs to Australians.

Some people feel its exploitation because most people from the developed nations refuse to do certain jobs because the pay is too low. I always laugh at such statements because millions of Americans, Canadians, Australians and people of the United Kingdom sign up for online survey jobs and paid to click programs and freelance jobs for less than $1 per day in most instances.

The truth is some people just don’t want to do certain jobs and that’s the number one reason there is outsourcing. I know people that make $60 per hour and they’re the most miserable people you’ll ever meet. Despite what most people think it’s not all about the money in most cases people just want a job or something to keep them busy. My belief is if a person wants to be rich or have a lot of money he or she will do whatever it takes to become wealthy. Most of the people reading this post have absolutely no desire to become wealthy most of the people reading this only want to know what I have to say about outsourcing and that’s what I will talk about in the next paragraph.

Who I think should outsource

Although the program I mention below will tell you anyone can outsource in my personal opinion the only people I think should outsource are those of you already making money online, I recommend outsourcing to people that have found something they know works and just don’t want to do the actual physical work anymore. If you’ve made over $10,000 online I think outsourcing is something you should consider if you haven’t made any money online as of yet I don’t recommend outsourcing.

Outsourcing cost money outsourcing costs me a lot of money and I spend more on outsourcing per month than many people make in a month. Why do I do that you ask because at the moment outsourcing is profitable for me. That being said if the internet isn’t bringing you any revenue yet I don’t recommend outsourcing because it can bury   you real quick. One thing I think people should know is most gurus outsource if you ever wondered how some people are able to create online products or services majority of them do it via outsourcing. A lot of the work from home scams that are being sold online have been proven to work however the owners of the scams know that there is no way the average person will be able to finish the entire program on their own. Therefore they sell you on an upsell and then upsell you again on the thousand plus dollar coaching. Meanwhile the only reason the scammer got his program to work in the first place was because he had about 10 professional outsourcers doing all the work for him.

The type of person that should outsource in my opinion

Outsourcing is for entrepreneurs that know how to handle their money know how to pay their employees and most importantly know how to make money work for them. Wealth creators should outsource don’t forget the people who work for you will want their money it should also be noted that some people will be straight up bad employees you might have to fire people you will also be responsible for hiring people. You will have to supply your workers with actual work or daily tasks. I can feel many of you reading this starting to feel bored or annoyed just thinking about what I just told.

All I can say is outsourcing made my dreams come true is it annoying sometimes? Of course it is but I love doing it I love the feeling of waking up at 12 p.m. knowing that I basically don’t have to do nothing. There are days when I can’t tell a normal weekday from the weekend as I’ve told people in previous posts the hardest part to working from home is learning this stuff. Once you learn it the rest of this stuff is a cake walk.

Do what you love to do and the money will come!

One other thing I recommend is doing something you love stop chasing the money instead follow your heart’s desire. The internet is here it’s called the WORLD WIDE WEB not the New York wide web or the London wide web it’s called the WORLD WIDE WEB no matter what you love to do I guarantee you that there are thousands of other people that love to do the same thing and if you create a blog, website or product to sell to these people you can easily make a comfortable living. If you keep saying well I can’t do that because of such and such well that will be your reality.

My reality is I haven’t worked a 9 – 5 job in years most of my friends admire me and my bankers refer to me as the guy that brings them foreign checks every month. Anyway enough about me below is the link to my favorite Outsourcing resource if outsourcing doesn’t appeal to you Don’t SIGN UP! By the way the reason I didn’t put this link on the Work from home page was because I honestly don’t think outsourcing is for everyone and if you sign up you’ll understand what I mean.

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