Vindale Research Review Is It a Scam

Vindale Research Review

Vindale Research Review

The first thing i want to get out of the way about is that they do pay. But there’s also this other thing with with Vindale. My personal recommendation you might want to open a separate email account before you sign up with them. That’s what i did actually i have a designated email account for all the survey type sites i am apart of.

Web Survey Software

If you’ve ever bought any web survey software you will quickly find out that well it’s just not going to pay the bills. being the owner of Survey Company is no easy task and is also a very costly task Vindale research has in my opinion taken the approach to surveys that many other companies have taken in there online business and that is “getting paid to shop”. In the past you would find the internet littered with survey sites that are now domain parking spaces. Reason being is they didn’t factor in the cost of paying people per survey.

let me put it to you this way $5 times  1000 people for 1 survey that’s $5000. If your company does not have it’s business in order your survey company can easily find itself in debt very quickly. Vindale has taken an approach to dealing with this problem and many people not familiar with how money is made online are screaming scam.

If something is free to join and you don’t like it well i recommend unsubscribing yourself.  as well like i said at the beginning of this post you might want to consider having a separate email for Vindale.

survey software review

vindale uses some of the best survey software in the industry, a problem you might encounter is you may not be receiving many paid surveys this could be due to your location. When i signed up i was in Western New York Vindale sent me surveys as well as paid me on time. i have no quarrels with them or their staff as i know how hard it can be to run a survey company.

Is Vindale a Legitimate company

It sure is but that doesn’t mean you’re going to make a ton of money also for the record i have never received more than $5 per survey from any survey company ever and i’ve been doing surveys since 1999. Making money from surveys is not something that will make you rich but if you sign up for more than one you should be able to make enough money to at least pay your internet bills and maybe any online expenses you have. Another thing is i don’t think you should join Vindale research unless you live in America. It’s a U.S based business and usually U.S based survey sites service U.S clients the best. All in all i recommend Vindale if you have any horror stories although i would like to hear about them.

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