Review Is It a Scam

When looking at this website I am reminded of an article I wrote about Revisitors you can find that here

How does Visitor boost work?

Found on their FAQ section they say

Visitor Boost: How does this all work?

“Dan Grossman Nov 06, 2009

Your website is shown in a full-screen popunder window on websites in our publisher network. When someone visits one of our network sites in the category you chose, we send that visitor to your site. The window will automatically adjust itself to fit the viewer’s maximum screen resolution. We never send you traffic from autosurf programs, mini popups, or scripts like other companies.”

Visitor Boost Review

Visitor Boost gets thumbs up and it’s a start in the right direction. I don’t endorse Visitor Boost as a primary traffic source but at least with this particular program they are explaining to people where their traffic is coming from. They are saying it comes from “popunder window on websites in our publisher network.”
Hearing that as a customer I can say to myself well hey that might be worth a try and I’m sure many of us have been victims of pop under ads and wondered to ourselves if maybe this stuff works.

This puts the customer and the owner on a level playing field and the customer can decide if this is the type of traffic the customer wants. This type of traffic might be helpful if you have a great landing page or you have a free trial offer or an offer with a great looking sales page. None the less they currently have a trial offer for $1.95 for 1000 page visits although this is not the path I would recommend I guess $1.95 for thousand visitors isn’t that bad.

Final Thoughts on

I hope other networks can learn from Visitor boost and change the way they are doing business. Personally I am tired of these scams the way how we get rid of scams is being forth right on the front page. The customer should know what they are getting themselves into this way there is no need for people to cry scam.  If I want to buy website traffic I should know what type of website traffic I am getting Visitor boost is the first one of these types of websites which has this type of information available to the user.

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