Vladimir Putin blames rising food prices on the “US administration and the Euro bureaucracy.”: Bank agrees to process Russian oil transit payment to central Europe – August 12, 2022,


One of the interesting developments regarding Russia, and we’re talking months before their Federal Government invaded Ukraine, it came to the attention of many investors how INVESTABLE the Russian economy became. A former Communist Nation, from an economic and regulatory perspective, looked better on paper than most Western European nations and even the United States.

How in the world could Russia’s economy become more investable than the United States? the answer is indeed what Russian President Vladimir Putin argued way back in June 2022 that the US administration and the Euro bureaucracy have become too INTRUSIVE in their own economies. Obviously, because Vladimir Putin doesn’t speak English, the last thing anyone wants to do is sit through a 50-minute speech that has to be translated into English.

So lost in Vladimir Putin’s speeches was his comprehension of how a market economy should function. One of the interesting FACTS about the Russian State broadcaster “Russia Today” was that they allowed Western voices, including LIBERTARIAN voices, to be heard on their platform. As a Canadian, I almost NEVER hear Libertarian voices on Canada’s State broadcaster, the CBC.

Putin lambasts the West and declares the end of ‘the era of the unipolar world’ | cnn.com

Regardless of the final economic decisions of the Russian Federal government, I would frequently observe Russia Today’s willingness to debate Western ideas. Obviously, U.S Socialist voices like Richard Wolff would get preferential treatment on Russia Today, but at the very least UNPOPULAR economic theories were debated. I bring this up, because one has to consider the economic dominance that’s coming from Russia.

Now, I personally think Political Climate Change is a HUGE scam in western nations, but let’s say I’m wrong, and these central planning climate change political activists are right; what’s with the stupid implementation of their climate change plan? If I believed the earth was going to end, I’d make sure I prioritize energy security before transitioning.

Furthermore, the last thing I would do if I were transitioning to wind and solar is provoke Russia. In case people forget Wind and Solar take up a lot of real estate. Now, let’s, for a moment, imagine Europe or the U.S decided to engage in a war with Russia, and they were successful in transitioning to Wind and Solar?

Do you know how vulnerable a country’s grid becomes if it’s run on wind and solar during a war? In Texas, they had a period in which temperatures froze, and their ENTIRE grid went down because Wind Turbines stopped working. In Germany, they’ve invested heavily in wind and solar, want nothing to do with Nuclear, and appear content with their reliance on Russian gas.

Why I bring all of this up is because of the war in Ukraine, which for the most part, revolves around The North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO). Based on the article below, clearly, the European Union is all talk and no action. I like to remind people that Communism revolves around controlling the MEANS of production.

It’s unclear to me if Karl Marx would even agree with Western Socialism, which in many ways revolves around DEMOTING the means of production in exchange for a fiat monetary system that appears ever increasingly reliant on faux CONFIDENCE! The story below will likely be buried in the news cycle, but it’s an important state of events.

An unfortunate reminder that Russia could Nuke Ukraine anytime it felt like it, but it hasn’t because it doesn’t feel the need to take it there. I bring this up because the United States could have Nuked Iraq but didn’t because it didn’t feel the need to. This Russian-Ukraine war, as is the case with many wars, revolves around ECONOMIC POLICY.

This corporate welfare-fueled political climate change agenda weakens the Western world in a DEVASTATING economic way. I think Western Nations have completely underestimated how well The Russians comprehend what Western nations are doing to themselves. I think a lot of people are looking at Russians as these backward-thinking people, when infact, the Russians appear to be far more PROGRESSIVE in thought than Western leaders.

Vladimir Putin may have unofficially defeated NATO

Exclusive: Bank agrees to process Russian oil transit payment to central Europe | reuters.com

Central European countries are partially dependent on Russian oil and largely dependent on Russian gas, and have secured exemptions from the European Union’s incoming ban on imports of Russian oil until they adjust their shipping routes and refineries for other oil.

Interesting times ahead!