Vladimir Putin Vs. The Russian People and why Globalists Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Punish all Russians For Putin’s Warmongering – March 3, 2022,

There are still Americans who believe the 2020 election was fraudulent, there is also evidence that suggests the election in the U.S fraudulent and a lot of the economic, social, and open border policies of current U.S President Joe Biden, could be viewed as the actions of a man who shouldn’t be the President of the United States. Now, Imagine a few thought leaders were allowed to make the claim that Joe Biden represented the will of ALL American people?

I don’t think that’s fair and at the very least America has a democratic process. a large chunk of Russian people have been complaining about their political process for decades. So how then do we solve this Russia-Ukraine problem? Well, the pressure should be put on leaders like Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau to end their domestic war on oil and gas.

Both Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden are financing Vladimir Putin’s war efforts with their RADICAL war on oil and gas. If there was a viable alternative, to oil and gas in 2022, I’d understand; but there currently isn’t a viable replacement and because there isn’t an alternative oil and gas Trudeau and Biden are allowing Putin the ability to monopolize the oil and gas industries.

The Billions of dollars Putin is making, is one of the reasons countries are trying to get Putin off The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial TELECOMMUNICATION (SWIFT), but SWIFT is merely a convenient way of moving money around, SWIFT can be replaced with phone calls, to have cash moved around and once you comprehend this, you understand why this war in Ukraine could last for months, maybe even years.

An update to our message for the SWIFT Community | swift.com

Our deepest thoughts are with those suffering the tragic human consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Equality, diversity, mutual respect and global cooperation are the bedrock SWIFT stands on, and the ideals we stand for as a global and politically neutral cooperative.

Diplomatic decisions taken by the European Union, in consultation with the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, bring SWIFT into efforts to end this crisis by requiring us to disconnect select Russian banks from our financial messaging services. As previously stated, we will fully comply with applicable sanctions laws.

The concept behind sanctioning Russia, which now appears to be a way for Western leaders to have greater controls over the global money supply is actually attacking freedoms and liberties in the United States and Canada. In case you’re not paying attention, Western governments are disinterested in messing with Putin’s cash flow, their obsession appears to revolve around a few people having more control over the financial sectors.

Recently current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau using Putin-like powers, had the bank accounts of protestors he didn’t like frozen, Justin Trudeau did this without a court order? When I see this window dressing on Putin, what comes to mind is more authoritarian controls on banking, as these globalists look to force people to obey them.

Focus on climate, Kerry says as international attention turns to Ukraine | reuters.com

In the midst of this Russian war with Ukraine, John Kerry made sure that the corporate welfare his lobbyists are fighting for continues. As everyone knows, these politicians and their friends are building generational wealth with these so-called green initiatives, which is what their fraudulent corporate welfare schemes pretending to be an environmental movement is all about.

The Globalists want to force you to capitulate and this will have dire consequences, as this will actually help to fuel poverty worldwide. The Russian economy is small, meaning that cutting competing with Russian oil and gas, would end this war with Ukraine rather quickly. Now, that Western governments are trying to end this war with sanctions, it will be the people of the world who suffer the most, with more inflation and more dictatorial controls from governments.

Interesting times ahead!