WAHUniversity.com Review – Is it a scam?

Work at Home University, which you can check out at WAHUniversity.com, is a website that claims to help you earn money within the comfort of your own home regardless of education or experience. The website provides a training program that can help you start your own home business. It further claims that you can just spare an hour a day and still earn a good amount of money from this business.

The program being offered by WAHUniversity.com doesn’t require special skills. It’s a step-by-step, easy to follow program that anyone can do. This training program is available in a one-time fee of $97. The website offers 365 Day Make Money Guaranteed refund policy.

More about WAHUniversity.com

Work at Home University is a division of Simply Click to Profit. It’s another work-at-home opportunity that helps anyone earn money through becoming an Auction Listing Agent. Becoming an Auction Listing Agent is a legit way of earning money. This entails dealing with drop shipping companies, purchasing their items on wholesale, and selling them in retail.

However, this isn’t stated directly in the sales page of WAH University which makes it looks like a scam than a legit money-making site. Also, reading its Terms and Conditions will make you realize that their 365 day make money refund policy isn’t true. What it offers instead is a 60-day refund policy which is only possible if you’ve proven that you haven’t earn not even a single dollar through their program.

Final thoughts on WAHUniversity.com

If you want to earn money through becoming an Auction Listing Agent, there are free resources online. You really don’t have any form of certification program to do this.

Before you sign up for training programs being offered by websites such as WAHUniversity.com, it’s worth doing independent search first. Also, reading its Terms and Policy page will save you from the frustration and hassle.

Please leave your comments or your experience with WAHUniversity.com below; it helps others.

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