WakeUpWarrior.com Review Is It a Scam?

Based on my reviews “Wake Up Warrior” created by Garrett White currently found at WakeUpWarrior.com is not a scam and is indeed legit, with that said I don’t want this review to come across as some sort of endorsement for Garrett White or WakeUpWarrior.com. I’m merely presenting the information based on my own independent research. I will definitely not be recommending WakeUpWarrior.com at this time to anyone

In 2021, the western world in the most part has entered into a phase in which masculinity is under attack. To be fair there was a period in which women had no rights, in fact, in many countries, women still have little to no rights, what this has equated to in Western society is that Feminism has entered the political arena, and being that most civilized men are accommodating many of us either because we were raised by single moms or because we want others around us to feel comfortable have stripped ourselves of our individualism and instead embraced a form of collectivism which seeks to socially engineer us.

In years past, I probably wouldn’t understand the need for “Wake Up Warrior” program but in 2021 I definitely see it as something worth seriously considering because unlike other coaches in this space Garrett White lives and breathes what he teaches. When doing my reviews of Garrett White it came to my attention that his features are indeed legit.

Most of the coaches I review, claim to have done this or that, but there’s no evidence of it, Garrett White on the other hand is everywhere, here is a detailed article dating back to 2017 titled This boot camp for men claims it’ll revive your ‘primal nature’ on the New York Post, it goes int detail as to what you can expect with Garrett White.

Furthermore, WakeUpWarrior is a targeted coaching program, he’s targeting a specific demographic who should be mentally prepared for the “Wake Up Warrior” coaching. I don’t think WakeUpWarrior is for everyone and I think Garret knows this based on experience and if you listen to his words and read the information on his sales page, he’s targeting a specific type of person.

I won’t get into pricing on this review, because it appears to fluctuate and quite frankly I will not have the time to come back to this review every time it does. The entry-level price as of today’s date is $100 or 1 Benjamin as it’s stated on the website however it is coaching and coaching programs revolve around upselling the people they recruit until the recruits tap out!

I say this because you can end up spending $100,000+ dollars if you allow Garrett White to be your life coach. he is in what I like to call high ticket sales. I personally do not need a life coach, but I d talk to a lot of successful people who make hundreds of millions of dollars, and some of these people to be fair spend over $200K on coaching and education.

I’m writing this primarily because for some of you, high ticket sales are hard to comprehend because life might be slower for you. For some people life is fast and they’ll pay $100K to make $100 million. Now, again I don’t want this post to come across like an endorsement for “Wake Up Warrior” But it annoys me when I read reviews from people with a poor mindset who don’t understand that there’s a “Market” for high ticket coaching.

You might not like that market, but it exists and the more money you start to make, the more you’ll understand a Garrett White. I reviewed his sales page WakeUpWarrior.com, based on my reviews it’s targeting a specific demographic. Now, $100 is the entry-level, but there are people with deep pockets out there.

As an adult, you have the right to decline all of the WakeUpWarrior upsells. But in general, this is how the coaching business works, high ticket coaches make a lot of money have you read about the NCAA, all the major sports leagues, some of the top fitness coaches, these people make a lot of money, because people most multi-millionaires value their time more than they value their money.

Meaning that I will pay for the best instead of avoiding going through all the B.S that comes along with doing something with someone who is mediocre. I’m by no means calling WakeUpWarrior.com the best coaching program out there, but I am prepping some of you for a world you might not understand yet.

If you’re looking for someone hard ass online, consider looking up Dan Peña, who is someone I wrote about in prior posts, who is basically is introducing many of you to the real-world of testosterone, real-world business, and true masculinity. It’s only business!

Unless you snowflakes want to completely lose your masculinity you better wake up to the real world, in a market economy, you place a value on yourself. Coaching is open-ended, I can wake up tomorrow and say I’m a life coach, make a nice sales page and get you to finance my lifestyle. Of course, I won’t do that, but I don’t see anything wrong with someone who does! Why can’t he or she make a coaching program? Unless you’re some kind of commie-socialist why can’t a coach be compensated for their time?


Just like you have the right to quit your job, you have the right not to take Garrett White up on his offer(s). I will not be recommending Garrett White or WakeUpWarrior at this time. Any questions you have for them should be directed at their staff directly.

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