a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

Warning To Canadians, Because of Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax, The Prices For Canada Post Parcel Services will rise starting Monday, September 12, 2022,

Back in May of 2022, Canada Post posted a $129-million loss before tax for the first quarter of the year, which caught many of us off-guard because, well, Canadians had been locked down and doing most of their shopping online.

Canada Post segment reports $129-million loss before tax for first quarter | May 27, 2022
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Because of the structure of Canada Post’s pension for their employees, it’s pretty easy for this Crown Corporation to end up in the negative, and apparently, their financial situation is getting worse because they recently announced that their PARCEL service, the service I’ve written about in the past as one of Canada Posts most important services, will be raising their costs.

You will have to wait for Canada Post to release the news officially to the press to learn more about it, but a heads up, for people using eCommerce and using Canada Posts Parcel services, you’d better get ready to changing your prices in the event you try to hide your prices not to scare away your customers.

Some might assume that electric vehicles will solve this problem, but in case you’re not paying attention, a lot of our ELECTRICITY comes from fossil fuels, which means that even if Canada Post went full electric, these higher prices are likely to stick around for as long as Canadian voters continue to wage wars on fossil fuels, so for the sake of the survival of your business, it would be wise for you to start raising your prices, changing your business model or finding a new lower-priced company to deliver your parcels.

One of the reasons I argue against hiding shipping prices for parcel service is because your customers will not understand why your prices are rising and will claim that you and your small/medium-sized business are trying to rip them off, but I do understand the dilemma many of you are facing because we all have to compete with the Walmarts and the Amazons of the world.

If customers ask why your prices are rising, you’d be wise to explain that your courier raised their cost of shipping to combat climate change; if you’re in business, you know most Canadians don’t understand the damaging effects a government can have on the economy and will instead BLAME US for raising prices. If you offer free shipping, if customers spend a certain amount of money, make sure your margins are covered; Canada Post is also raising their surcharge costs of parcel services; what some small businesses do is they’ll raise the rush delivery costs the highest so not too many customers will use it.

There is a growing number of alternative parcel delivery services in Canada, and if most of your customers are LOCAL, consider using them. Unless Jagmet Singh decides to break ties with Justin Trudeau’s government, the Liberal Party of Canada will be in charge of the economy until 2025, and to date, they appear dedicated to this war on fossil fuels, and you can’t excuse the reality that they could win in 2025, so if your Customers are located mostly in Canada, you’ll want to consider getting very creative, to stay afloat.

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