Warriors Co-Owner Chamath Palihapitiya Embodies The Silicon Valley Attitudes Regarding Your Freedoms and Liberties when he says ‘Nobody Cares’ About China’s Uyghurs – January 18, 2022,

To start I’m going to put this entire story in its proper context, so the reader can have a better understanding as to why a Sri Lankan-born Canadian venture capitalist, living in America would make such a ridiculous statement. There are Han Chinese people who care about what’s happening to the Uyghurs. It’s unfortunate that when most people think about China, they think about the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY(CPP). I have friendships with Chinese people, many of them HATE the CCP and actually can’t wait until the Party falls.

I’ve been saying for years now, that if China wages war, and there’s any resistance from Western nations, don’t be surprised if members of the Chinese military start surrendering in droves. Until you live under constant tyranny, you will not comprehend that some people do things merely to SURVIVE!

ZERO PERCENT INTEREST RATES(ZIRP) and the relationship with Big Tech

ZIRP really is the revenge of the Nerds, venture capitalists are thriving under ZIRP, Bitcoin is thriving under ZIRP, Big tech has grown immensely powerful because of ZIRP and because ZIRP serves as corporate welfare for big tech which is usually inherently deflationary, most of the richest people on the planet are coming from Silicon Valley and let’s just say many of them think the way Chamath Palihapitiya thinks.

The mistake Chamath Palihapitiya made was speaking out loud, but liberties and freedoms don’t mean much to nerds, freedom of speech and expression may have led to most nerds being bullied as teenagers. You see, I’m not your typical Conservative, who will give you one side of the story, I bring the reality to the doorstep, and “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. A lot of these nerds are trying to build their Utopia, you’ll notice commonalities with most of the people in Big Tech.

People in Big Tech, want to control the narrative for their own purposes, I’m sure each member of the Big tech monopoly has their own unique ideas, but many imagine freedoms and liberties as overrated. Now, the only reason for most of these big tech monopolies is ZIRP, you can pretend all you want, innovations have been rather stagnant since ZIRP, we’ve moved from constant innovations to charging more and offering less for prior tech innovations.

Why because it’s becoming more and more expensive to get into the tech game, Venture capitalists like Chamath Palihapitiya are spending more money to control how people think! Now, I assume Chamath Palihapitiya when he was speaking freely, imagined that the rest of society had already caught up with his personal ideals, I mean, after all, he’s a billionaire, which makes him smarter than us, right?

Warriors Co-Owner Sparks Fury After Saying ‘Nobody Cares’ About China’s Uyghurs | Twitter

Resistance is futile, what’s happening to the Uyghurs is overrated, right? Let’s move on from this CCP tyranny and talk about things that are important to Chamath Palihapitiya. In a free-market economy, the market prevents people like Chamath Palihapitiya from getting this powerful, had it not been for the U.S government, over-regulating U.S industry to buy votes, China is not as powerful as it is today and chances are the Communist Party would have long been overthrown, let’s not forget that the United States empowered the Chinese Communist Party.

Why did the U.S empower the Chinese Communist Party, well, I point to Welfare, labor unions, and laws like the minimum wage, making the cost of doing business in Western nations more expensive, consumers like to pay less for things, higher wages, and other production costs, along with the negative ATTITUDES that go along with fickle governments deciding how American businesses should operate equated to China becoming a far better option for investment for Western businesspeople.

In time, of course, some American businesses start testing the boundaries of how much of their production can be done in China and eventually Chinese manufacturing and U.S consumption become intertwined thereby equating to a whole new Business class that lobbies Western governments for reasons many of us have a hard time comprehending. Chamath Palihapitiya I’m sure comprehends how DEPENDENT his business and the U.S economy are on Communist China and he merely made the error of speaking out loud what most business people know intuitively.

Okay, so the Chinese Communist Party is doing evil things to the Uyghurs, what is the U.S going to do about it? Nothing! That’s what I thought, so how about we talk about something else, the Chinese Consumers love Steph Curry and The Golden State Warriors and I don’t want to hurt my bottom line. So let me give you stupid reporters an answer to end your interrogations.

I assume this was Chamath Palihapitiya thought process when people were questioning him because he had to know that he would get no FINANCIAL benefit by defending the Uyghurs and again I remind people to just look at the numbers since ZIRP Big tech has been all the rage. When you reach the heights of your power, it’s inevitable, you’re going to have a deep-rooted desire to speak your mind.

Bloomberg: Xi isn’t a dictator because China doesn’t want democracy | nypost.com

Mike Bloomberg made the same mistake a few years back, when he said that Xi isn’t a dictator because China doesn’t want democracy what kind of asinine state meant is that you ask? It was merely Bloomberg speaking out loud because these were the conversations he was openly having with people in his echo chamber who think the way he thinks.

I get it, some of you don’t like that Capitalism is inherently deflationary, and even rich people and governments can go bankrupt in a free market capitalist system, but every single time, the government gets involved with capitalism, all sorts of TYRANTS are propped up. Free market capitalism creates ABUNDANCE and COMPETITION and the truth is that now that humanity is more consciously aware that we must be stewards of our planet, I think it’s time we get these tyrants out of our lives, so we can make the world a better place.

Please humans allow bad ideas to FAIL again! Otherwise, humanity is headed for DOOM! END ZIRP!

Warriors Co-Owner Sparks Fury After Saying ‘Nobody Cares’ About China’s Uyghurs | financialpost.com

Interesting times ahead!