Wavee.com Review Is It a Scam

A brief explanation about online penny auction websites is they work a little bit differently from traditional auction websites. In a traditional auction website only the winning bidder has to pa for the price of the item. Also in regular auction sites the items are typically not being delivered from the owner of the auction site instead they are typically owned by everyday people. That being said lets talk about Penny Auction websites. Penny Auction websites work differently its very similar to gambling because with penny auction websites you have to purchase NON REFUNDABLE credits.

Purchasing Wavee.com Credits

Once you’ve purchased these non refundable credits you have to bid now with a penny auction website every bid you make costs you a credit, remember that credits cost you money and credits are non refundable this is why you will hear many people comparing penny auctions websites to gambling.

As we know in an auction there can only be one winner that being said the bigger the penny auction site gets the more money it makes and the harder it becomes for people to actually win something. On side of this fact in the case of Wavee.com they make it clear that if you lose an auction you can still use the credits you lost with and apply it to the their actual price of the item.

As you can clearly see this is obviously how Wavve.com and other penny auction websites will make majority of their profits. Also the bigger Wavee.com gets the lower the chances for people to win something and the higher the amount of money Wavee.com makes.

Another thing i am noticing is complaints from people in the amount of $179. People are getting surprise charges on their credit cards in the amount of $179 this is what i am hear allot about.  I can’t confirm this because i refuse to sign up for wavee.com but if this is the case i am advising the public to stay away. I write this posts mainly for education purposes i don’t lke people telling me what to do so i won’t tell you i just hope to educate you in to what you are getting yourself into.

Wavee.com a new model for Auction Websites?

Wavee.com and penny auction websites like it are definite new models business. I wouldn’t call it a scam but i personally would not get involved in it. The appeal is obvious we are currently in a recession and seeing the item you want for pennies would definitely make a person curious to try it out. When talking about online penny auctions its always been my fear that the game is rigged. either by a person or by the software. I am not in anyway accusing Wavee.com of doing this but it’s something i think about personally.

Another thing rarely discussed with penny auction websites like Wavee.com is how time consuming penny auction websites can be. If you ever get a chance listen to the stories of the average winners of penny auction sites. Many times these people spent entire days or weeks on the penny auction sites many times spending more money on buying credits losing than it took them to win. Most winners won’t tell their entire stories they will only tell you that they finally won. Again the bigger the penny auction website gets the more money the penny auction site makes.

If you want to sign up with Wavee.com don’t let me stop you just don’t say i didn’t warn you.

Please leave your comments or experiences with Wavee.com below it helps others