WealthyAffiliate.com changes their affiliate program

As a former wealthy affiliate member I was surprised to get an email today stating that wealthyaffiliate.com has now opened their doors allowing nonmembers the ability to promote the wealthy affiliate brand. I think that’s great idea and will help the declining wealthy affiliate brand to stay relevant in the ever increasingly competitive world of internet marketing.

Has this change, changed my thoughts on WealthyAffiliate.com?

No! not really; I still think wealthy affiliate and the information it processes is too broad for one membership site I still think the information at wealthy affiliate is mediocre at best and I’m still not impressed at the fact that Kyle and Carson changed their model from being experts in email marketing and pay per click marketing to all of sudden being search engine and article marketing experts.

I think charging people for information that they themselves are not experts at teaching is wrong and deceptive. Most wealthy affiliates in my personal opinion will never get enough traffic to their websites to work from home full time based on the SEO and article marketing training taught at wealthy affiliate.

Final thoughts on Wealthy affiliates updated affiliate program

Based on what I initially thought about wealthy affiliate I am quite surprised at the changes I also wonder how this will affect their current membership. When I first signed up for wealthyaffiliate.com and I know I’m not alone on this my plan was to get 2 people to sign up under me so that I wouldn’t have to pay the high wealthy affiliate membership fee. Well now with these changes I don’t have to be a member of wealthy affiliate to promote their program which means I could cancel my financial commitment to them and try to make money for them as an affiliate. That being said I honestly wonder how many other wealthy affiliate members might consider doing this.

I can hear some people saying well don’t all the memberships have free to join affiliate programs? and my answer is yes but most membership based training programs focus on only one area of internet marketing. Example of what I mean is ppccoach.com who focuses strictly on pay per click marketing, chrisfarrellmembership.com for example focuses primarily on email marketing, bringthefresh.com focuses primarily on SEO those are what I like to call true niche membership sites.

Wealthy affiliate in my opinion is not or I should say is no longer a niche site and that’s why their membership base continues to decline. Wealthy affiliate is known for giving new members information OVERLOAD on top of that they don’t have that many videos in their paid membership section. Even though wealthy affiliate is paying up to $279 per sales I’m currently not interested in promoting them. In my opinion Kyle and Carson are currently out of touch with the needs of average people looking make money online.