Wealthy Affiliate’s Price Change

One of the top internet marketing training sources has decided to increase their price. First of all I thought the $39.99 per month was expensive so honestly I feel the $97 is way too much. Although I am not a member of wealthy affiliate i am still  glad they are here. Anyone who is reading this i can honestly tell you that Wealthy Affiliate is no scam. I do believe it’s waaaay over rated and over priced but seeing what i’m seeing online and also seeing what people are willing to pay to learn internet marketing I can’t blame Kyle and Carson for raising the price of their membership.

Wealthy Affiliate’s price Change in the middle of a Recession

Since the recession people have been flocking to the internet to find work only to find out that working from home is lot harder than they might have expected or anticipated. This is a very brave and bold move Kyle & Carson and it should be interesting how people respond to it. Allot of people are desperate at the moment and well desperate people do desperate things, so it might work who knows all power to them again Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam i’m just not a fan.

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth $97 PER MONTH

Is wealthy affiliate worth $97? If you ask me the answer is a BIG HUGE GIGANTIC, NOOOOOOOOOO. none the less Kyle and Carson are millionaires and me i’ll be lucky to hit $200k this year so do what’s right for you. My view in terms of learning Internet marketing is you should only have to pay once.  I am a member of quite a few online programs that have monthly and yearly fees but understand that i joined these programs because they make it EASIER for me to operate my online business.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you internet marketing, there’s no special software at WA that will make your life easier, everything found at Wealthy affiliate can be found online for free. So by signing up to WA you are signing up for convenience. Another thing to keep note of is Wealthy Affiliate is an Information based website. Paying a MONTHLY fee for information when you are already online in my opinion is a step in the wrong direction. My belief is if your a paying to get information on how to make money online you should only have to pay one time. Before or when you sign up for WA you should ask the question how many Wealthy affiliate members are REALLY working from home full time.  I’ll end this post with that if you would like to learn how to work from home full time @ a fraction of the cost with no up sells visit the link below.


Update… Wealthy Affiliate Introduces WordPress Express

Ummm yea? Hopefully this wordpress express tool is allot more than just an easy way to set up a wordpress blog. Allow me to expose a little information on the web hosting of this current blog and how much it costs me to operate. I am currently with TMD Hosting, my point is if you sign up with any Cpanel hosting provider you can set up a wordpress blog in seconds. you can even set up one just like this one. The website you see here was made for free.My hosting bill is $4.00 a month, plus anytime i buy a domain name i can add that domain name to this hosting account and easily create another wordpress blog with a template in a  flash.

Maybe this wordpress express thing WA just introduced does allot more than create a wordpress blog with a template. WA’s WordPress express blog tool apparently has 1300 templates but again i return to the WA price for $97 you can get a custom wordpress template and for $200( 2 month’s at WA) you can get your Blog SEO’d. Having a WordPress blog does not guarantee you search engine results. It’s false information like this that bothers me. I want to remind people Kyle and Carson are not pro’s at SEO they made their fortunes in Pay per click and Email marketing.

I don’t want to sound like a “hater” so i’ll stop their. If you want to sign up for WA please don’t let me stop you…