Web Site Traffic Optimization Alexa Revealed

Before I start off today I got an interesting comment today about my Alexa.com rankings. Reading it I had to laugh. The person said to me how come they have a better Alexa ranking than me yet I beat them on some search term in Google. First and foremost this is why I constantly tell people to get into Pay per Click marketing and stop wasting time with SEO (search engine optimization)

How Alexa calculates Website Traffic

First I am going to ask you a question. Do you have the Alexa toolbar? Because if you do that is how they are calculating their data.  If you don’t have the Alexa toolbar every time you visit a website it’s not being recorded by Alexa. I don’t have the Alexa toolbar so every time I visit your website it won’t be recorded by Alexa. If you want your Alexa rankings to grow sign up for a free traffic exchange like Easyhits4u I guarantee you that your Alexa traffic ranking will grow over night you might even reach top 100,000 within a few days. Because most of the people who join traffic exchanges for whatever reason seem to have a serious obsession with Alexa especially people who joined a traffic exchange called Traffic Swarm.

I forgot where I seen it but there was a web owner promoting his website saying “hey everyone look at my Alexa rankings within a month.” this is how he is getting people to sign up to his program pyramid scheme program. I am not saying Alexa’s traffic is a scam what I’m saying is the type of traffic many of these sites are getting might not be any good based on how Alexa does its rankings. Alexa in many ways from view is one big hoax. I mean I will admit I do check me Alexa rankings here and there but I don’t take it seriously the only traffic I take seriously is Google Analytics. If you’re serious about your website and Optimization on your website you MUST have Google analytics, or at least something similar installed in your website.

This is another reason why I know many of you are telling lies when you are saying you are making money online. I’ve done the whole SEO (search engine marketing) thing before I’ve paid thousands of dollars to get my website listed but at the end of the day it took me month’s to make back my investment and by the time I made back my investment guess what happens it’s time for me to pay the SEO brokerage again. Some of you might say yea Steve well maybe you just choose the wrong niche, or maybe your website just sucked(like this one does) All I can say in response is good luck with your SEO ventures you’ll forever see me in Pay Per Click Marketing laughing my way to the bank.

How to get web traffic to your site for $2

Alexa Optimization for your website anyone

If you’ve done any business with an SEO company they will tell you the same thing or something similar to what I am telling you right now, or they will try not to mention Alexa much unless you keep mentioning it. You can’t call Alexa’s traffic rankings a scam but how Alexa’s traffic is calculated well… you know what it’s better if you read this for yourself you can find this information @ http://www.Alexa.com/tour/toolbar by the way I am writing this post April 03, 2010 Happy Easter weekend everybody

“The Alexa Toolbar

Take Alexa with you as you surf the web. The Alexa Toolbars for Internet Explorer and Firefox give you real-time information about the sites you visit as you surf the web.

Alexa could not exist without the active participation of the Alexa Toolbar community. Each member of the community, in addition to getting a useful tool, is giving back. Simply by using the Toolbar, each member contributes valuable information about the web: how it’s used, what’s important and what’s not. This information is given back to the community as Traffic Rankings, Related Links and more.

Want to help? Install the Alexa Toolbar, and tell your friends. The more people use Alexa, the more useful it becomes.”

Alexa Revealed

Now this is not me bashing Alexa this me revealing to you what Alexa is! That’s all. Alexa is not a scam but just try not to get caught up in the myth people are creating about Alexa. Myths can travel a long way in a short time they can cause wars and create generations of fools oops there I go getting off topic again. Thanks for reading best wishes to you in all your business ventures.

How to get web traffic to your site for $2