How to get web traffic to your website

How to get web traffic to your website

How to get web traffic to your website for $2

The website traffic sources I will be mentioning in this post are mostly pop-under advertising companies, social sharing sites and traffic exchanges. A lot of times people just want a way to get traffic to their sites, they don’t care how the traffic gets there as long as it’s traffic well in this post I attempt to cater to these people. The first company is a pop-under advertising site if you sign up with this site your ads will typically appear in websites that offer free downloads, music, movies, entertainment or information. It’s what many consider to be low traffic destinations, however, depending on what you’re selling it might convert into sales. If you’ve never received any website traffic and you have a small budget this is a good place to start because to start it will only cost you $2 for 1000 visitors.

Tiny Url Web Traffic – 10,000 Visitors for $5.00

Another cheap source of web traffic is tiny URL web traffic the thing I like about this type of web traffic is that the people that get you this type of traffic works their behinds off posting links on all types of places. The bad part to this type of traffic is that it’s not targeted so if you’re going to use this type of traffic I recommend using a site that plays music or gets the attention of the customer immediately because typically the customers of this type of traffic are being directed to something so your job as the advertiser is to steal their attention. I’ve done very well on this site and I’ve also done pretty bad on this site but one thing is for sure they did deliver the traffic as promised. Click here to see Ad Fly in action your website would be the webpage that shows up first! My website in this instance would be shown after the potential client clicks the “Skip Ad” button located at the top right hand corner of your computer screen

Social Media Marketing $19.95 Monthly – Cancel anytime

Do not under estimate FREE social media marketing advertising, most of the so called SEO experts use the site below and they’ll charge brick and mortar businesses thousands of dollars. This site doesn’t only get your website traffic social media traffic it can also help with your Google and Yahoo rankings.

What’s the catch you ask? Well because real people will be the ones submitting and posting your links on places like Twitter, Google, Facebook,LinkedIn, and Pinterest there’s no guarantee on the amount of traffic you’ll receive.

The reason I bring it up is that this will give your site(s) organic looking traffic and those links won’t go anywhere. Unlike the other traffic sources that deliver immediate web-traffic, this is the type of traffic that may not yield you anything in the short term.

This site is also extremely easy to use. All you really have to do is write something good about your website and then add your website link. For $19.99 you can have 10 Active URLs which will give you 400 Submissions per URL. If you want to go big or do what others do and turn this into a business you can have 150 Active URLs and 3000 Submissions per URL for $149.95 PER MONTH.

I’ve been using this site since 2010 and there are times when links I submitted 4+ years ago bring traffic to offers I’m selling or promoting. This is great for online store owners or people that promote fun entertaining things that have been my experience.

Incentive Based Website Traffic 50,000 Visitors for $40

If you’re looking for incentive-based traffic the next company is something you might want to consider. This site is definitely nothing pretty to look at however they do deliver incentive based traffic to your website. Incentive-based traffic is traffic where people are being paid to view your website, The visitor will see your website as a paid advertisement. This type of website traffic is good for people who are in the “make money online” business because most of the users of these incentive-based sites are looking for easy money making opportunities. I should point out that it is best to avoid using any of the “Email Advertising to members” offers.

The reason I recommend avoiding email adverts is that even though your advertisement is sent to as an example 10,000 members it doesn’t mean that 10,000 members will open your email advertisement. I’ve found the most success using the “Guaranteed Visitors” advertising.

Simple Inexpensive Adult Advertising

If you’re looking for adult advertising for an adult centered crowd, you may want to consider trying this easy, simple option that can get you real hits within 72 hours. This is the easiest adult advertising I could find and the truth is like the other options I mentioned earlier, it will work for some and not work for others. But the traffic is legitimate and verified. For new websites that need a boost in traffic numbers I like their proxy traffic, I should also point out that you can be a reseller of their traffic, there are a lot of companies already doing this.  Click here to see this adult traffic in action your website would be the webpage that shows up first!


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