website domain names available

First off this is not me trying to get you to join my .ws pyramid scheme this is all legit you can get a wordpress blog like this one up and running within a day if you follow these easy steps. First i want to make it clear to you that. That although .com domains seem like a big deal the truth is they are not.

If someone is looking for something that you have they will remember you and your website. Ofcourse people think .com first but if your website is offering or does something no other website does people will come, Also when people here other domain names they other domain extensions they seldom say themselves that’s a cheap domain or those sound like a cheap domain names. Also I recommend when building a website that you build it around something you are passionate about and also providing some sort of service or information nobody else offers.

Website Domain Names Available For Dirt Cheap

Now this is how i recommend you get started first and foremost buying your domain name. There is two websites i recommend when buying a domain a name. The first one Go Daddy I recommend if you are buying a .info domain because the price is only .99 cents. you get that domain name for 1 year.

The other option to buying a domain name is Name Cheap prices start $2.99 BUT!!! for the first year you get privacy protection free. in case you are not aware once you buy a domain name your personal information is available to the public. If your personal information like your home address is important to you you might want to consider using name cheap.

Domain Name Hosting For Dirt Cheap

Now buying a domain name gets you free hosting but who wants hosting with advertisements all around it I sure don’t that’s why I recommend HostSo web hosting for only $12 you can have a website hosted for a full year meaning you’ll only pay $1 a month.

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