Weird New Electric Vehicle Sales Mandate Comes to Canada, beginning in 2026, The Liberal/NDP Controlled Government will force 100% EV sales by 2035 – December 23, 2022,



As you should know, if you follow my posts, Government regulations tend to lead to SHORTAGES of things. One of the reasons there is a shortage of manufacturing jobs in Canada is because of PRIOR regulations on economic activity. Anyone, I learned something new today; I didn’t even know Canada had an “Environment and Climate Change Canada” branch in its government; now, this makes sense as the Federal Government of Canada has a dedicated team looking for entire industries to destroy to justify their existence.


I’ll be honest I don’t know how popular this stuff is in Canada; a lot of Canadians, unfortunately, don’t attribute economic downturns with government regulations on economic activity. One of the flaws of democracy is that everyone eligible by the government’s standards can vote, so let’s say you believe government people are ALWAYS smarter and know what’s best for the people; you might inadvertently vote to lower your standard of living.

Let it roll: The Government of Canada moves to increase the supply of electric vehicles for Canadians | (Environment and Climate Change Canada)

The regulations will require that at least 20 percent of new vehicles sold in Canada will be zero emission by 2026, at least 60 percent by 2030, and 100 percent by 2035. These targets will help increase supply so that more Canadians who want a ZEV can buy one.

With that understanding, let’s talk about Zero-Emission Vehicle targeting. Economically Zero-Emission Vehicles(ZEV) is a form of malinvestment as the government is attempting to FORCE people to purchase vehicles they otherwise wouldn’t purchase; this actually encourages Zero-Emission Vehicles manufacturers to put lower quality standards.

I’ve been hearing about Zero-Emission Vehicles forcing owners to subscribe to a monthly service to enjoy the power of the vehicle fully. If you’re unaware, EVs, as an example, have few moving parts, which means that most of the maintenance-related problems will either come via the battery, AD-ONS by the manufacturers, or inevitable over-engineering as EV makers and the like to justify a reason to launch a new model EV every year.

Cars that use combustible engines in the modern era are often over-engineered, and many consumers have begun leasing cars to avoid the high maintenance costs of an over-engineered combustible engine vehicle. Tesla Inc., as an example, already has its sets of challenges; namely, if you need to fix your tesla, it needs to be fixed by a Tesla-approved mechanic.

Meaning that you’re locked and boxed as an owner of Tesla if your vehicle starts giving problems. Justifiably tesla can argue that they do this because of the dangerousness of lithium batteries. But the truth of all of this is it appears that the Canadian government is trying to get more people to be dependent on the Federal Government for their survival.

Our device-driven lives depend more than ever on tragedy in the Democratic Republic of Congo |

The mandate that the government rolled out appears agenda-driven; the new world the Federal Government of Canada is trying to force on all of Canada looks to make Canada INCREASINGLY dependent on other nations. Recently Siddharth Kara went on Joe Rogan and exposed slave labor regarding CRITICAL minerals needed for lithium mining.

I suspect what Siddharth Kara exposed isn’t going away anytime soon; the problem is that China has complete control over the Cobalt market. Do you see where I’m going with this? So we have an OPEC+ Russia fossil fuel cartel, and we also have a Chinese-controlled Cobalt monopoly. Now that this has been exposed, I’m hoping some civility can come to cobalt mining; however, there’s a deeper story in the Congo, and it’s the instability of their government.

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Yes, the Chinese Communist party is to blame, but this wouldn’t be possible if the Congolese governments weren’t so compromised. What I’m getting at here is that EVs might not go up in a straight line; all is not perfect in the EV utopia, yet, the Canadian government is betting big that it is. The Canadian Federal government managed to find itself Trillions in debt, and the servicing costs for that debt continue to rise.

I remind you that without government subsidies, many of these EV companies, INCLUDING TESLA INC., would be insolvent, meaning that higher borrowing costs for the Federal government to subsidize EVs just got more expensive for the Canadian taxpayer. This has dumpster fire written all over it, and Lithium fires are tough to extinguish.

Canada moves to mandate electric vehicle sales starting in 2026 |

Interesting times ahead