WelcomeToTheRiver.com Review – Is it a scam?

John White started the website WelcomeToTheRiver.com to promote his product, an eBook on how to build a low-pressure cleaning rig. This is for those who are looking into the idea of starting their own roof cleaning business but don’t know how to get started. Prior to this business, White works as an HVAC and exterior cleaning contractor. He stumbled into this business opportunity in the 90s.

More about Welcome to the River

According to the White, there are several reasons why starting this kind of business is a good thing. One of these reasons is less competition. This is unlike many businesses floating in the sea of competition. Another reason is that it doesn’t require a whole lot of startup capital. And lastly, this business is easy to start.

The product featured in the site is an eBook that will walk you through the process. Its sales page can be quite confusing though. It’s not clear whether it’s targeting entrepreneurs or those looking into a business opportunity or simply consumers who wanted to learn how to build a low-pressure cleaning rig.

Final thoughts on WelcomeToTheRiver.com

It’s hard to tell if the eBook found at WelcomeToTheRiver.com will suit your needs as it doesn’t provide a preview of the book’s content. It doesn’t even show an outline of what can be found inside. However, this is a ClickBank product so if you end up dissatisfied, you can ask for refund.

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