Wendy’s Advisory Panel Review

The Wendy’ advisors panel is a mechanism used by the Wendy’s burger chain to review customer feedback regarding their products and to provide reliable feedback so that future products meet the demands of the customers. The reviews are generated using a sweepstakes format that provides generous prizes for the participants.

The amount of time required to generate the reviews for Wendy’s advisors panel seems minimal when compared to the quality of the product and the participants are only contacted by Wendy’s review panel about twice per month. Not a very large commitment for coupons for high quality products

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Wendy’s presence globally

Wendy’s does not have a huge presence on the world stage so they have limited the geographical area accepted by their survey, intended participants must complete a survey in order to take part in the draw and must live in the United States, including Hawaii.

The general sense of the idea seems to indicate that not all applicants will be accepted. The requirement for living in the USA is an example of this. The survey will not even let you continue if you do not meet this requirement.

Wendy’s is a high class outfit and its food has a good reputation. This would suggest that the scam factor is minimal.

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About the Wendy’s Advisory Panel prizes

The prize list contains at least one reward every three months of five hundred dollars dollars and also includes copious amounts of coupons for the company’s products presumably to assist in the reviewprocess.

Another advantage of the format adopted by the panel is that Wendy’s outlets are easy to find and are generally, but not always located near or in a shopping. They have drive-through’s and so the customers can do as they please. There are also downtown outlets. You will not find yourself with a bunch of paper you cannot use.

The menu at Wendy’s restaurants is, and always has been somewhat unique. Customers go to the restaurants knowing what it is they want and expecting consistent high quality. The concept of square burgers was so simple an yet so effective that everybody is aware of the product.

Who can forget the crusty old “Where’s the Beef? ” lady? What a wheeze! Perhaps she was the original member of Wendy’s advisory panel. Who knows?

Wendy’s advisors panel appears to be a worthwhile and fun way to review the company’s products , and the said reviews generated will have significant impact on future offerings because Wendy’s is a forward looking company.

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