Western Governments Still Financing The Vladimir Putin War, destroying They’re Energy Economies, While Their Fiat Money Sanctions, Up Until Now Do Minimal Damage – April 11, 2020,


If we’re going to talk about the current state of the Western World, both Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden have a “politics before the people” economic strategy. Both Justin Trudeau and Biden for their own reasons appear to be obsessed with growing the Welfare State. Their political-economic climate change agenda, will not change just because Russia invaded Ukraine and because of this, the main tool we’ve seen coming from both Canada and the United States are “Sanctions”.

Canada’s sanctions strategy toward Vladimir Putin is the most pathetic of all, because while the Canadian GOVERNMENT is sanctioning what appears to be supporters of Vladimir Putin Canada for political reasons has little interest in increasing its defense spending?

As Joly suggests military needs more funding, Liberal-NDP deal makes prospect less likely | nationalpost.com

There are some in Canada, who don’t see the stupidity of these sanctions and that’s fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but let’s be clear about something, Russia has nukes, and although Russian soldiers have been accused of war crimes, Vladimir Putin war so far hasn’t used any Nukes. The financing of this war with Ukraine is what appears to be the target the Canadian government is focusing on, which is why their economic sanctions, for many of us, are so stupid.

Basically, Canada is making doing business in Russia more inconvenient, but the Canadian government is simultaneously making doing business in Canada for Canadians just as difficult. Canada and the U.S economy could make this war in Ukraine far more expensive for Russia if it merely allowed the price of oil in North America to come down.

Canada takes aim at Russian defence sector with new sanctions over attack on Ukraine | ctvnews.ca

But because of government regulations, both Canada and America have turned on their own consumers forcing them to pay higher prices for almost everything and it’s for this reason that energy prices are still very high, which enables Russia to sell its energy at abnormally high prices. Now, because prices are abnormally high, Vladimir Putin can make money by offering Russian energy at a discount.

Most people are well aware of the Russia-China deals, both Canada and America’s consumption economies rely on China, so for as long as these silly energy policies in Canada and The U.S remain, sanctions are the only tool U.S-Canada have against Putin. The other day Vladimir Putin was able to pay his countries debt obligations in U.S dollars, well, now the new round of sanctions is making that more difficult for Russia.

The truth of the matter is that Russia can pay its debt obligations and wants to pay their debt obligations, but they can’t pay them, because of the sanctions, so this would make a person say, the sanctions are working right? Wrong, the sanctions aren’t working, Russia can still pay their debts, they’re not being allowed to pay their debts, meaning that Vladimir Putin is actually getting RICHER!

What would equate to a victory is if Vladimir Putin could NOT pay his debts because he was bankrupt, Russia is not going bankrupt, they’re being sanctioned out of the current financial economy, which for the most part is led by the U.S dollar. But you see, the longer this war lasts, the more likely it is that Vladimir Putin is going to find a way around the sanctions. The Canadian and U.S governments are betting that the sanctions will cripple the Vladimir Putin regimes?

For people like me, what I don’t think Justin Trudeau or Joe Biden understand is that it’s not about the money, it’s about what the money can buy. Russia is selling physical things, Canada and America are selling financial convenience. Notice how nobody talks about The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication(SWIFT) anymore?

SWIFT was nothing more than financial convenience, it’s a great financial product, that I’m sure Russians would rather have access to, but it’s merely a convenience, and for every sanction, Canada and the U.S put on Russia, the world is watching because if Canada and America don’t like other nations, they might pull the same stunt on them as well.

Why I bring this up is because this is how countries will find ways to be not so reliant on the Western fiat currencies. I can’t stress enough that these sanctions aren’t bankrupting Russia, these sanctions are merely making Russia’s financial economy more complicated. The functioning of the Russian economy will still be the same, as will the Canadian and U.S economies.

Meaning that the same ECONOMIC inefficiencies the Canadian and U.S governments had prior to the Putin-Ukraine war, will still be there if that war ends. In fact, if the war ends, based on the prior strategies by the Canadian and U.S governments, both nations will have to create a new boogieman to blame for domestic consumer price inflation.

This Putin-Ukraine war is no longer headline news, so if the Russian federal government stops this war tomorrow, the focus once again turns to the economic problems in western nations? What are western governments going to do to address these economic problems? Another round for covid hysteria? to use as an excuse for the consumer price inflation they’re creating? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Canada and America attempted lockdowns as an excuse to send people more free money.

The mid-terms are coming for the Joe Biden, and lately, the strategy for politicians has been to buy votes, to win elections. Regarding Canada, Justin Trudeau got a cash windfall from consumer price inflation in the prior years, and Trudeau appears very excited to spend the money and run more deficits instead of paying down the debt. Justin Trudeau’s merger with the socialist NDP includes a deal for Justin Trudeau to not only cut back on defense spending but to increase “social” spending.

Vladimir Putin to the best of my knowledge has no such spending plans, meaning that the only reason Russia won’t be able to pay its bills is because of the sanctions? Whereas deficit reliant Canada and the United States can only pay their bills, not because of what they can produce, but because of the confidence the world has in their fiat currencies.

Russia says it will sue if forced into a default — which would be the country’s first sovereign debt default in over a century | businessinsider.com

Interesting times ahead!