Wexit Canada, Western separatist political party running candidates federally and provincially in four Canadian provinces – November 17, 2019,

Well, it’s officially begun and who knows what it might evolve into, personally I don’t like the name Wexit, but it’s the early stages, so it’s not clear what this will eventually evolve into. The Leader of the Wexit Peter Downing plans to run candidates in four provinces, which tells me they’re angling more for political independence from Ottawa more than they’re trying to actually separate. Candidates will be run in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

This doesn’t have the Reform Party feel to me, this seems more like something either will grow organically or won’t. What’s going to be very interesting is feelings all Canadians get when Justin Trudeau actually starts speaking again, when it becomes clear to Canadians that there’s a very real possibility that they’re going to have to see Justin Trudeau for the next 4 years. Based on the Leftists I know in Ontario, they voted for Trudeau because they feared Andrew Scheer might win.

Unbelievable to me was the responses I get from Leftists in regards to Maxime Bernier. Many had no idea who Maxime Bernier was, but they said to me if he was head of the Conservative Party they might have voted for him. They even got angry at Scheer during an instance when Scheer was attacking Maxime, something about those French-Canadian men, they seem to resonate with the ladies. Anyway, I say this primarily because I’m curious to see how namely B.C and Manitoba respond to Wexit? I know Conservatives exist in these regions but the numbers, I’m curious to see how much support Wexit will get there.

In Alberta, I’m sure Albertans will weigh their options and do what they’ve done historically, which is voted pragmatically. Saskatchewan which by name is Canada’s most recognizable province I can see things going 50/50 I think if any Separatist movement that begins in Alberta gains any traction Saskatchewan will be the province that puts them over the top. Western Canada hates the Liberals, especially Provincially, I think people forget why Justin Trudeau hasn’t stepped down, the reason Justin Trudeau hasn’t stepped down is that the Liberals basically have nobody left to run.

Nobody likes them and if you look at Western Canadian provinces even B.C hates the Liberal Party, the interesting thing is, it appears that the NDP fetish appears to be dying out as well in Western Canada, the problem, however, is that the Conservatives I don’t think have the right leadership capabilities to put a voice to the needs and wants of Western Canadians.

Manitoba and British Colombia this is what interests me most about the Wexit Party

Lots of progressives in B.C and Manitoba, most of these Progressives want nothing to do with Trudeau, the interesting thing is, they’ve gotten a taste of governance with the NDP. Democratic socialism is unbearable, especially under an NDP government that politicizes everything. Adding to the disaster of an NDP government is an economic track record, the make businesses run for the hills and make new businesses look at the locals like whack jobs, for allowing these types of extreme socialist to govern over them. In Ontario, I can still remember how the Province felt with Bob Rae as the leader of the NDP, it’s a horrible feeling to know socialist are in charge.

But some people have to experience it for themselves and this is what makes this Wexit thing a bit interesting if it’s a success doesn’t matter much, what matters is what they’re able to achieve in regards to pushing the Conservative Party to meet the demands of 50% of its base. Maxime Bernier lost to Scheer by a slim margin because a portion of the Conservative Party wants to appeal to Progressives, there’s this myth in Canada, that in order to get elected you have to seem Progressive.

I personally disagree, I personally think what got Stephen Harper elected was his appeal to lower taxes for everyone, while at the same time balancing the budget and putting money in people’s pockets. Living in Ontario all most of us wanted to hear was lower costs, fewer taxes and more money in our pockets. Allow voters to imagine what that looks like for themselves. When the Conservatives go down this path of trying to appear more progressive than the Liberals or the NDP they lose, sometimes Canadians want a change and they’re going to change anyway, I rarely hear the Progressives change their platform, “hey, voter guess what I have for you? Soe free stuff, that you won’t have to pay for!” that’s what all progressive does every single election cycle.

We live in a Democracy, humans fall for that free stuff for nothing concept all the time and as a Conservative sometimes you just have to let idiots do stupid crap and when the plan doesn’t work out as planned you remind the public as to why your Party is a Conservative Party. Canadians are worse off under Trudeau, but does anyone know or remember what Andrew Scheer’s solutions were to Justin Trudeau’s deficit spending or his growing of the government? of course not, because the Conservatives ran a campaign appealing to Eastern Canada and their campaign completely ignored what eastern Canadians wanted which was lower prices, fewer taxes, and less government.

The progressives got more votes total, but Scheer got more votes than Trudeau got, this also means that writing could be on the wall for Trudeau’s time in power. Personally I wanted the Trudeau name to be destroyed! His dad is still beloved in Canada, I’d like the truth of how Pierre Trudeau destroyed Canada to come out and I think Justin Trudeau is just the man to do it. I’m not really sure what the future holds, but I suspect more embarrassing days on the horizon for Justin Trudeau, now as more of these embarrassing Trudeau moments increase, Canadians are going to get fed up, this will even include his base and from this I suspect an opportunity for the Conservatives to win will present itself. Is this good for Wexit or The People’s Party of Canada? I don’t think so, only the Conservatives can mess that up.

With that said, in the event opportunities are squandered by the Conservative Party of Canada, or if somehow Trudeau manages to gain favor with Canadians, I wouldn’t ignore this Wexit Party, because Trudeau has put mechanisms in place to make sure Pipelines aren’t profitable in Canada, it’s game over for the Alberta and Western Canadian energy sectors under progressive leadership. The problem with Conservatives all over the world is that most of us don’t like politics, politics is all progressives have, a vast majority of progressives don’t want to work hard or work more, they want to work less and get paid more. The way to minimize Progressive is to change the electoral system if a section of Canada wants socialism, fine no problem, but let them pay out of pocket for it.

The current Conservatives seem disinterested in changing the political system whereas Wexit revolves around it. This is the advantage and the disadvantage of Wexit, because most people don’t like an extreme change, which means in my opinion, Wexit would be wise to grow too fast, because their opponents aren’t only the Liberals, the Conservatives also pose a threat to their stability.

Alberta will never vote Liberal, but Provincially Western Canadians could send their Conservative representatives a very clear message as to giving Western Canadians their autonomy. An irritant to the Conservatives, there’s no need for Wexit to attempt to spread its tentacles this early, simply be there and exist and promote what you stand for.
Wexit keeping your Conservative government honest. Maxime Bernier made the mistake of trying to usurp the Conservative Government, he ran candidates everywhere and then lost his home riding, what Wexit should do is concentrate in the regions in which they have the most support, stick with those people win lose or draw and don’t exert too much energy forcing Western Canadians not to vote Conservative, let people see for themselves.

The Green Party with a small majority has been very influential in Canadian politics, you don’t need seats to be a threat, you only need to people to know you’re a force to be reckoned with. It will be interesting to see what is in store for the Wexit Canada.

Wexit party to run federal and provincial candidates across Western Canada | CBC

Interesting times ahead!