What attracts a younger woman to an older man? If you think it’s all about the money, you’re WRONG!

When Hollywood is trying to create a compressed movie, it’s easy for Hollywood to frame a younger woman’s attraction for an older man around how much “Money” the older man has. But Hollywood shouldn’t be confused with the real world. What attracts a younger woman to an older man is MATURITY, his leadership abilities, his CERTAINTY his ability to make her feel safe and secure.

There are young guys with money who struggle with women; this is a fact; why do a lot of young men struggle with women? Lack of security, lack of maturity, and their lack of leadership. Young men who master leadership skills do well with women, but as we know, this is not the norm. Now, because dating an older man is often considered taboo, most younger women do not FLAUNT their relationships with older men.

When older women date younger men, they’re called cougars; what is it called when an older man dates a younger woman? The term manther is thrown out there but, truth be told, most of these words, whether it’s manther or cougars, are used by people who want to CONTROL the lives of others by using derogatory words at them. I personally don’t use the terms cougar or manther because if the couple is of legal age, it’s none of business. What do they do with their lives?

How to tell if a younger woman likes an older man is to feel it out. A younger woman who likes an older man may not want to make the first move for obvious reasons, but as an older man, you shouldn’t be too aggressive, either. Patience is ideal; go out on a few dates, and don’t aggressively pursue sex. As older men, sure, we’re horny, but we’re not as horny as we were when we were in our teens or twenties, and this works to our ADVANTAGE.

Because if you’re dating a younger woman, you want to get to know her. If you’re dating an older woman, you know a lot of them come with a lot of emotional baggage, and many of them want to take it out on you. As a man, you should also know that some women become cougars because a lot of older men come with their own emotional baggage.

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It’s not common for younger men to want to date older women for the money? The same is true for Younger women dating older men. One thing I know is common is for former escorts to date older men; why? Because if most of your customers are older men, and you have sex for a living. Eventually, sex is going to become overrated, and you are likely going to want someone more mature.

As an older man dating a younger woman, you want to take the time to get to know her. It might be exciting the first time dating a much younger woman, but if you’re a mature man who takes the time to get to know a woman, you’ll soon figure out that a woman is looking to fulfill a need or personal desire of hers. Most women follow Hollywood, meaning that they might be attracted to older men, but will be too scared to date one for fear of being ostracized by their peers.

If you meet a woman who puts her social circle first, do not make the mistake of her attraction to you as a desire to date you. Young women sometimes like to experiment; they’ll know deep down that they’re attracted to someone, and they might try to fight the urge by attempting to dominate you. Some women do have a daddy issues and although dating these women might seem like fun, they could be looking for someone to abuse, and it might not be about the money.

An attractive woman is like an ATM machine; most men imagine hitting the jackpot if they find an attractive woman down on her luck, so don’t imagine that woman doing things only for the woman. Women who are all about the money are easy to spot; if you’re a man of means, you know what I’m talking about. Women who are gold diggers don’t hide it very well; they’re always in financial ruin, even if they have multiple Louis Vuitton merchandise.

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I won’t go into details in this post, but as a mature man, by now, you should know what a gold digger sounds like. A woman who genuinely likes older men will be INTO YOU only. How to tell if a younger woman is interested in you? Is simple, she’s consistently into you, whether you have money or you don’t; she wants to get to know you, not only how you make money but what makes you the person you are.

It’s also your job as a mature man to get to know her; I find that most younger women who date older men are looking for STABILITY! a woman looking for stability is not the same as a gold digger; a gold digger is NOT looking for stability, they’re looking to live a lavish LIFESTYLE and if they can’t have it, they’ll dump you for someone who can provide it for them.

You should be able to tell if a woman is a gold digger because she will CONSTANTLY be asking for or alluding to you that you need to buy her something EXPENSIVE! She will also frequently try and make you feel guilty if you don’t buy her what she wants. A woman genuinely interested in you wants you because she imagines that you’re a REAL MAN!

Finding a real man is RARE, and for smart women, they’ll find a good man, young or old, and make her move to make sure his hers. But when she makes her move, you’d better be ready because she’s interested in you primarily because of the certainty you’d bring to her life.

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