What does Canada Import From The United State–Rampant Inflation Coming To Canada Just Became More Likely: Trucker vaccine mandate As of January 15, 2022 – January 9, 2022,


So first and foremost let’s put this mandate in its proper perspective, this mandate, for the most part, has to do with travel between Canada and the United States, a lot of consumer goods in Canada, come from the United States, but via NAFTA now USMCA there’s also a lot of back and forth trading, meaning that when a car is manufactured, trade between Canada and the United States will go back and forth several times over.

The United States is Canada’s largest trading partner, but I’d like to also point out that the United States compounded its problem with as an example California’s war on the Gig economy. So the United States also has a problem with importing goods via boat and air. Where the challenges for Canada comes into play, are things like energy, because Canada doesn’t like Pipelines, and although rail travel is popular, the central points of rail transit still require truckers, and because the Canadian government declared war on fossil fuels, this compounds potential problems I personally imagine are being overlooked.

I highly recommend that you consider visiting the website below, to understand where potential shortages might come from in the Canadian economy.

What Canada Imports from The United States | tradingeconomics.com

I’ve always thought it strange Canada’s reliance on American energy, but as you learn the Left-Wing Politics of Canada, you start to see how a productive Canadian private sector was replaced by government bureaucrats, which even if they’re well-intentioned implement economic policies that lead to Canada being more reliant on our Southern neighbors then we care to admit.

Recently the government announced that Canada has a trade surplus, but those numbers are obviously distorted because they’re counted in fiat dollars. Consumer price inflation equates to a trade surplus, “rule by fiat money” is not an accurate representation of economic activity, it just means prices are up in fiat dollars. The price of fuel is way more expensive in 2022 than it was this time in 2020, this equates to more revenue for the government, but it also equates to Canadians spending more money to buy fewer goods and services.

A trade surplus is an economic measure of a positive balance of trade, where a country’s exports exceed its imports.

Are we getting more Canadian dollars for what we export? are importing fewer goods, because prices are going up? There have been a lot of lockdowns in Canada, I’m already seeing empty shelves in grocery stores, but if I’m, to be honest, I’m noticing that fewer people have the extra money to spend on goods and services because of prices for everything going up.

So in the end, what does this potential truckers shortage equate to? I’d say rampant inflation, which for people who imagine that these potentially laid-off truck drivers are easily replaceable, consider remembering that learning to be a truck driver requires FUEL! Meaning that training future truck drivers will be more expensive than it is today, because fuel shortages will lead to higher fuel prices.

Vaccine mandate for truckers could lead to mass layoffs and supply chain issues | cbc.ca

The Fiat prices for things are NOT an accurate representation of economic activity because the government can manipulate the money supply. The problem with shortages however is that printing more money won’t stop the problems of the shortage, in fact, printing money to fix shortage problems, in an honest monetary system equates to hyperinflation

Vaccine mandate for truckers could lead to mass layoffs and supply chain issues | cbc.ca

In Canada, we’re currently the beneficiaries of having the title of one of the world’s reserve currencies, but I often like to point out, that having a global currency weaponizes your currency, because now, other countries might prop up your currency for their own economic benefit. Canada as an example makes sure it keeps its currency low so it’s more profitable to export to the U.S market, well, people in China as an example might prop up the Canadian dollar for the exact same reason.

Once you understand this dynamic, you start to see the important role fiscal policy and regulations play in the domestic economy. I’m not entirely sure if this is how the designers of our current fiat monetary system designed it, but this is one of the reasons why people have been making so much money in the modern era. It’s not so much about playing the forex markets, it’s more so about paying off politicians, to enact policies, that force consumers in a particular direction.

George Soros as an example has been buying politicians all over the Western world and via ignorance of the masses, stupid fiscal policies are implemented, all sorts of weird regulations on the economy have been created in Western countries, to allow Globalists, also known as global socialists, or believers in corporate welfare to enrich themselves.

Most Canadians as an example have no idea this is happening and even if they do, they’re too happy with the free money and free resources, the government sends gifts to them for their votes. How does this ends, you ask? It doesn’t, typically this is what leads to secession movements, people imagine that an entitlement mentality is this new strange phenomenon, if you read history, the humans back then were just as lazy then as they are now.

If done charity work n third world countries, sorry to say but a lot of the poor people in these third world countries are usually lazy and undisciplined, this doesn’t make them bad people, but a civil society such as our requires that EVERYONE contributes, everyone must pay their fair share, and in the modern era, the Government is looking to prevent people from contributing their fair share to society and the end result to this will be massive shortages of things.

Government Regulations or restrictions lead to shortages, as humans, we’re born to be free, not kept in man-made cages. Most people who spend a lot of years in jail even if they deserved to be in jail, usually don’t come out the same. Remember when you’re locked down, you’re UNPRODUCTIVE!. Prior to Europeans making all of these laws, when people lived as tribes, people weren’t jailed they were KILLED!

Jailing someone equates to paying someone to monitor a prisoner? If you don’t feed a prisoner they’re god as dead, but if finance a prisoner, you’re effectively taking resources from one group to give to another. So in the modern era with these government regulations, we’re actually stealing from the productive to give to the unproductive to enrich the political classes, all because we value rule by FIAT dollars.

Again I highly recommend that you consider reading the tradingeconomics.com website I pointed to early in this post to get an idea of what types of shortages might be coming to Canada and how you can prepare for inevitable price inflation. I just wanted to touch on something, I’ll often write about normalizing interest rates, I bring this up because low-interest rates are what’s allowing the government to lock you in a cage.

If you’re too scared to normalize interest rates in fear, the housing market will crash(lol), well you’re enabling Big Government to enslave you!

Critics, industry call on Ottawa to reconsider trucker vaccine mandate to protect supply chains | cbc.ca

Interesting times ahead!