While Elon Musk Waste Time With Twitter, Toyota’s CEO isn’t fully sold on electric cars, he claims the ‘silent majority is on his side – December 20, 2022,



I’m for energy diversity; I’ve always felt like a more robust energy supply is how we get the entire planet’s energy secure without destroying it. Regulations on certain forms of energy production I agree with, but the regulations I agree with have little to do with FINANCES and more to do with common sense. For example, I don’t think a carbon tax makes any sense; I don’t believe wealth redistribution schemes to finance wind and solar are smart ways to create a cleaner energy grid.

The green energy economy they’re trying to build now ENCOURAGES WASTE, and most people are seeing that now; just because some idiots made a nuclear bomb out of nuclear energy doesn’t mean it’s not the future of electricity all over the world. I’ve long been a fan of Small modular reactors (SMRs), which are not dangerous.

But because when most people hear the word “nuclear”, they think of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the Fukushima nuclear disaster, or atomic bombs, nuclear gets a bad name. I don’t like to color code things, there are risks with Nuclear, but I argue there are far more risks without it. People tend to forget that China a country with more than a Billion people, has GHOST cities; it should also be noted that China only uses a small fraction of the land it has.

Why do I say this? Because the world isn’t as overpopulated as the central planners want you to believe. Both Canada and Australia have a lot of unused space, as does Russia, Kazakhstan, the middle east, and other nations in Europe, Africa, and Asia. The world is NOT over populated, but what the world does have is a CENTRAL PLANNER problem.

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Politicians and people in power want to force their flawed ideologies on everyone else. Currently, because so much weight is being put on “social media,” these idiot central planners are imagining themselves to be more popular and powerful than they are. Voting for a particular politician doesn’t necessarily equate to the will of the people, a lot of people are SINGLE issue voters, meaning they’ll vote for a politician for one reason and one reason only.

This is one of the main flaws in our current democrat systems, maybe a voter votes for a politician because that politician promises them free money or free benefits. The voter may not understand or even care what the politician does to get them their free stuff as long as they get it, and politicians and people of influence use this as a means to push for a more centrally controlled economy, which, as everyone knows, doesn’t work.

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However, there’s a silent majority, which could be on the Left, the Right or the center of the political spectrum, who may have only voted for a politician because of ONE issue, and that silent voice is keeping their mouth shut, only out of respect or fear of being ridiculed. I bring this up because I don’t think the OPINIONS you see on Twitter or Facebook speak for the majority of people on the planet.

In the U.S., recently, it’s come to my attention that the FBI was trying to control speech on social media websites, and for me although I consider this a problem, why wasn’t it a problem when this was happening on television? There are all sorts of Federal agencies attempting to control what you see on television, central planners have always wanted to control and frame the narrative that keeps them in power, but even when they do this, the silent majority stays aligned with the TRUTH.

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So while Elon Musk, who owns Tesla, an EV company, which to date is for some reason valued more than Toyota, buys Twitter, it makes me wonder how much malinvestment is in the current economy. Toyota not only sells a lot of cars, but they LISTEN to their customers; if you get the chance, look up how Lexus was created.

People tend to forget that Elon Musk is the beneficiary of MASSIVE government subsidies; I also argue that Zero Interest Rate Policy benefited Elon Musk and Tesla Inc. Toyota, on the other, destroyed their competition by listening to the DEMANDS of their customers, so if Toyota’s CEO isn’t fully sold on electric cars I’m listening.

Whether he is ultimately right or wrong is for the future to decide; what I will say is I like energy diversity way more than this one size fits all approach the central planners are taking regarding energy.

Toyota’s CEO isn’t fully sold on electric cars — and he says a ‘silent majority’ is on his side | yahoo.com

Interesting times ahead!