White Political Racism Hiding in plain sight, Peaceful Black Protests interrupted by White Hoodlums – June 1, 2020,

Historically Leftists have tried continuously to court the friendship of black people all over the world. For the most part, Leftists have been successful in destroying the African economy, they’ve had mixed success in the West Indies, but the Leftists have been very successful in Central and South America.

One of the main reasons why Leftists or as they call them in the United States Democrats have wanted so badly to court Black Americans is simple, although it’s not true of all black people, a lot of black people work very hard and do the jobs that most hard Left people don’t want to do.

I’ve heard stories from white supremacists and one of the major reasons a lot of white people left the clan and abandoned National Socialism was because there are a lot of white people who didn’t want to hold their own weight! Was that too raw for you? Sorry, I tell it like it is, a lot of white people abandoned racism because of other white people!

A market economy is nothing more than co-operation, we all do our part to contribute to society, but humans can be fickle and some humans simply don’t want to work hard and as capitalism via the free market enriches society, the Leftists see their chance at usurping power off the backs of other peoples labor.

Hitler as an example, similar to a lot of Germans after World 1 ended for them in unfavorable terms, seemed to find an enemy to blame for their failures. Conveniently, Jews, Catholics, and Marxists were the soft targets in those eras, but let’s not forget that Socialism, was still preferred over Capitalism by a lot of people in Germany, during the Great depression if people remember, the ‘German Papiermark’ hyperinflated while other currencies which at that time were backed by Gold for the most part deflated.

Hyperinflation of a currency is a sign of government intervention, where the deflation of a currency is seen as the government or the central bank not doing enough! The peaceful black protestors in my personal opinion would have been peaceful with or without cops being present and this was of course not the image the radical White Leftists wanted the media to see.

Now, there are criminal elements in black America, let’s not kid ourselves here, but the peaceful protestors many of whom are anti-Trump wanted this moment to show the world their humanity and as per usual the racist white Leftists saw the death of a black man as their chance to push their political agenda.

When World War 1 didn’t benefit the Germans, Hitler similar to the radical Leftists of this era went on a Propaganda campaign, when it comes to Socialism, whether it’s democratic socialism, National Socialism or communism it’s important to remember that Socialists have to shift the conversation away from economics in order to garner support.

During COVID-19, as you may have noticed, all of sudden there was all of this money to spend on defeating COVID-19, now this is obviously money that either has to be repaid or defaulted on, but in case you missed it, the emotional reaction when COVID-19 happened was for the government to spend money and if the government didn’t spend money on defeating COVID-19 well then that government is evil, well this is how socialists get to power, socialist get to power when there’s a crisis and obviously what the radical White Leftists are trying to to do is lure the Federal Government in a fight with Black Protestors.

If the federal government has to use force against black protestors, well then that’s a political win for the radical Leftists, that’s how this works! A lot of black people currently have a problem with their State Governments and their State Police, many which are run by Democrats, but as proven with COVID-19, The Federal government had to save the day.

Because he federal response happened so swiftly the Leftist were again faced with the reality that COVID-19 would soon become yesterday’s news, then all of a sudden in Leftists run U.S State a group of corrupt cops who in my opinion were probably feeling drunk with power because of the amount of power the COVID-19 lockdown gave them, used their power to kill someone who I think they were probably annoyed with.

I still have a hard time watching the Eric Garner video and the George Floyd video is way worse. This tragic event clearly provided a way for White Leftists to create chaos and unfortunately, as per usual some Black Americans following in the footsteps of racist lazy white supremacists, which is what these white thugs are.

It’s easy for white society to get rid of white trouble makers, after all when cops kill white trouble making Americans, for the most part, white people do not care! However, black people react differently to police misconduct and police misconduct gets politicized, which obviously bodes well for lazy white socialists who let’s call it for it is, want welfare and government protections.

Now, when white Champagne Liberals get welfare it’s a lot better than the welfare the black population gets because most white Liberals write the laws and therefore know where to go to get the welfare. Furthermore, white Liberals can blend in better than Black people can, in a lot of Conservative States, it’s actually shocking to many conservatives how many white Liberals live amongst them. White Liberals are very mobile and after destroying a State with Democrat regulations they’ll move to a Republican State.

Whether ANTIFA knows it yet, they’re actually helping White Republicans to imagine history in a better context. Apparently the problem was White Liberals all along! I write over and over again about the misinterpretation of Barry Goldwater in an era where the racist democrats sold Black America on how the Government could socially engineer society.

I think Barry Goldwater republicans during that era never imagined that black people would fall in love with the idea of a big government because, during that era, people knew what Socialism was. But Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement played right into the Democrats hands, when you’re emotional at a political topic, you might not notice that you’ve signed a deal with the devil and in my opinion, that’s what happened when Black Americans started voting overwhelmingly for Democrats.

What used to be a Southern problem moved it’s way up North, as white Americans in the south began abandoning their lazy white Democrat friends and as these white democrats found their golden calf in the Black voting class, the white democrats have been milking that calf ever since, now expanding civil rights to include, immigrants, gays and all sorts of other things.

In case you’re not aware of how civil rights works, although it was primarily designed for Black People, whites, for the most part, gain the most benefits from it, blacks after all I think are only 17% and in order for civil rights to be spread equally, every minority group gets a slice of the pie and let’s not forget that, in order for a person or a group of persons to qualify for a government handout, they have to know it exists, white Liberals know where to find welfare!

Even large SUCCESSFUL corporate establishments, run by Liberals take government money, it’s not only white Liberals on Mainstreet, white successful Liberals on Wall Street take government handouts also, which is why they don’t mind financing or promoting groups like ANTIFA. Leftism is opposite Individualism and collectivism is a gang mentality, we take everything we can while it’s there to be taken! So when you watch the video below and you wonder why White people would do this, consider what I wrote in this post, I know this stuff because I’ve seen it up close, I was young too and at one point I was an environmentalist, I’m still pro-clean energy to this day!

Interesting times ahead!