Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

Why Andrew Scheer Did Better Than Erin O’Toole in 2021: Erin O’Toole Lost To Justin Trudeau and The Conservative Party Is Losing Its Identity – November 17, 2021,

I personally thought Erin O’Toole should have won the 2021 election by default, then he opened his mouth and Liberal Words came out. On issues that matter to Conservatives and LIBERTY LOVERS, Erin O’Toole spoke gibberish, assuming that his dog whistles would resonate with lovers of freedoms. What he didn’t realize by doing this is that a lot of Conservative people began imagining O’Toole as Prime Minister, attempting to show Leftists how woke he was.

This is what the Conservative Party doesn’t seem to grasp as a party, moderates are looking out for their own SELF-INTERESTS, and Leftists WILL NEVER, EVER vote for the Conservatives. If social justice and climate change are important to you, you’re not going to vote Conservative, if MONEY, liberty, freedom, and small government are important to you, you vote Conservative.

Now the unfortunate reality is that nobody how good a job a Conservative Prime Minister does, there comes a time when people want change, most humans, do not understand economics, so when Conservatives fix the economy, people with short memories, will assume that the “economy fixed itself”, in America, they’re learning the hard way that from a financial and economics standpoint Donald Trump was a special man.

American voters who voted for Joe Biden assumed that Donald Trump was merely lucky and a beneficiary of Barack Obama. During Obama’s 8 years as President, MODERATE American voters made sure 6 years the Republicans controlled the Senate. That means when American voters went to vote, they were fine with Barack as the face of America, but they wanted to keep him and his socialist ideas in check.

It’s similar in Canada, Pierre Trudeau was responsible for a lot of suicides in this country, because, for most providers, when the government takes away their ability to provide for their family, they become suicidal. It’s really that simple for the Conservative Party of Canada, have some backbone, stand up to the mainstream media BE a Conservative, and if your destiny is to lose, but lose promoting Conservative values, because when you repeat fiscal responsibility enough times and when you push back against tyranny and government overreach, even if MODERATES don’t agree with everything you stand for, they’ll consider their own SELF-INTERESTS when they vote.

Andrew Scheer didn’t go out of his way to appease Leftists, Erin O’Toole did. Erin O’Toole had a slam dunk with the LAW ABIDING GUN community in Canada, Erin O’Toole squanders that vote in spectacular fashion and you have to remember that O’Toole is a military man, so when he’s speaking gibberish regarding gun controls in Canada, many of us start thinking about the RCMP and other government institutions that want to CRIMINALIZE law-abiding gun owners.

Conservatives pay attention to details, many of us are self-employed, we have to pay attention to details, and being that Erin O’Toole spent most of his life in public service, he appears to imagine the world from the mind of a tyrant. The Left likes to attribute dog-whistling to Conservatives, but people on the Right are open books, Dog Whistling is what Leftists do, Leftists like to use the force of government to silence their opposition and they’ll LIE to do it.

Take the jab, so everything can go back to normal, now that you’ve taken the first jab, what’s the big deal take a second jab, guess what we’ve got… a booster shot, you’re not one of those crazy Right Wing conspiracy theorists are you? Take the booster shot, you know what, now that you’ve taken the booster shot, download this app and sign up for a vaccine passport, we’re also doing contact tracing, what do you have to hide? The government is on your side divided we fall.

That’s Dog Whistling, Leftists will always be open to authoritarian rule under the right conditions because they don’t believe in Western Values, it’s really that simple. The job of the Conservatives is to protect and preserve Western Values, because with every new regulation, and every time we bend, we’re getting closer and closer to authoritarian rule.

Now, Communism is a different form of authoritarian rule, Government controls everything, there could be one visual leader but they’ll be all sorts of swamp creatures in the government, making sure the people do what the government wants them to do. Communism falls apart when the economy crashes, this is why for the life of me I didn’t understand why modern Conservatives like low-interest rates.

Imagine Erin O’Toole on camera said he wanted to preserve Canadians nest eggs, meaning he was going to protect the Canadian housing market from crashing? Why would he say such a foolish thing on camera? It’s because most of his life was spent in the public sector, he doesn’t comprehend that “Protectionism” equates to a higher cost of living.

Andrew Scheer was less intrusive, Scheer was presented as a squishy 6 foot 4-inch teddy bear, who came across as nice and bland. Erin O’Toole came across as Justin Trudeau’s ugly brother, which is why he brought NO excitement. I found it interesting that Maxime Bernier got 800,000+ votes from Canadians who knew he had a 0% chance of winning the 2020 election.

Those 800,000 votes could have been Erin O’Tooles if his focus wasn’t on appeasing Leftists. Now, what’s interesting about Maxime Bernier’s 800,000+ votes is if he’s able to do it again, or even surpass a million votes, even if Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada don’t win a seat, it would show that clearly, he tapped into something, that the Conservative Party is completely ignoring.

The last point I want to make in this post is that with Justin Trudeau he has to be careful not to alienate Conservative and moderate Voters, what Erin O’Toole doesn’t seem to understand when he’s pandering to the Left is that Conservatives aren’t stupid, we know Conservative Politicians will go out of their way to appease Leftists when the Left inevitably starts pushing back.

So, in many ways, Leftists make more gains while Conservatives are in power and this is obviously a calculation many Canadians are making when they imagine Erin O’Toole as PM. What the Conservatives should be concerned with is Maxime Bernier surpassing 1 million votes in the next election, because to be quite honest, as long as Pablo Rodriguez doesn’t make the same mistake as Steven Guilbeault, attacking freedom of speech, many Conservatives will vote for Maxime Bernier again and allow the economy to tank under the Liberals.

Most Conservatives work hard and live within their means, many of us know where the country is head and we’re preparing for it, what we don’t want is a Brian Mulroney scenario, which was a complete embarrassment, as Brian Mulroney conserved many of Pierre Trudeau’s policies. Erin O’Toole reminds many of us of a modern Brian Mulroney. Had Brian Mulroney allowed Pierre’s dumbass ideas to fail, Canada wouldn’t be in the disaster we’re in today.

The Liberals ended up being the heroes in the 1990s? cutting spending and of course, being the architects of modern corporate welfare. The Reform Party was the creation of Brian Mulroney, who was a clown. Western Canadians still remember how they FELT when Brian Mulroney screwed them over, that’s how bad Brian Mulroney was and Erin O’Toole being a clueless Quebec-Ontarian, probably doesn’t understand why he got fewer votes than Andrew Scheer. In a nutshell, he opened his mouth!

He also comes across as fake, and he’s a military man, there’s a reason why most people don’t like to be ruled by military men, Ceasar was a military man, he made himself Emperor of Rome and the Senate of Rome eventually had to conspire to kill him. Because Ceasar wanted to rule by fiat and nothing is more terrifying than a military ruling by decree. If you look at most Socialist Dictators, Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Castro they’re all military men.

So when people think of military men as rulers over a democracy it’s scary, especially if that military person is openly dishonest or embracing tyranny. Erin O’Toole went out of his way to show how woke he was with the climate change agenda. Did he really think that would bode well in Western Canada? Erin O’Toole made a lot of mistakes and he paid for them.

Should Erin O’Toole be the leader of the Conservative Party? I’m not sure, there appears to be a conscious decision by leaders of the Conservative Party to pick a candidate that appeals to Leftists and so far this hasn’t worked. Now, if this is the direction the Conservative Party is heading, Erin O’Toole will be replaced with an Erin O’Toole clone and what the Conservatives don’t want is for the People’s Party of Canada to start passing 1 million votes, because all of a sudden real Conservatives seeing that they’re going to lose the election anyway, start voting for the PPC out of conviction.

If this happens, a political revolution might happen in this country, because Conservatives don’t have to win elections, they merely need to express their opinions, if Leftism continues the economy is going to crash when the economy crashes the Liberals will be forced to cut spending, but it’s unclear if they’ll have the heart to do it, which would equate to even more inflation than we’re experiencing right now. This is a huge opportunity for the People’s party of Canada because most Conservatives are going to want Liberals and their voters to suffer, and they might not vote for the Conservatives, why should real Conservatives take the blame for a disaster created by the Liberals?

With that, this is why the Conservative Party will need to find or confirm its identity because once the economy starts to unravel, behaviors change, it’s unclear how Conservative voters will act when they have the opportunity to witness the disintegration of the Liberal Party.

Interesting times ahead