Why Erin O’Toole Scares So many Canadian Conservative Voters and the Tories silly obsession with appealing to Leftist Minded Canadians – December 15, 2021,

So Erin O’Toole spent a lot of his life in the public sector, I thank him for his service, but as a military man, that’s spent little time in the private sector, Erin O’Toole gives Canadians the appearance of Julius Caesar type of personality. The Roman Senate killed Julius Caesar because Julius Caesar wanted to be a dictator. Under pressure, Erin O’Toole has shown Conservatives, voters, over and over again that he will be compromised.

With Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister most TRUE Conservatives are on high alert because we can see Trudeau’s devilish nature, he brags about it, his tyranny is overt, with Erin O’Toole if you’re one of those Caspar-Milquetoast-Conservatives you probably don’t imagine what’s happening in Canada as that big of a deal, a Milquetoast-Conseravitve imagines politics as merely rival gangs engaging in combat, and as long as my guy wins all is well in Canada..

Stephen Harper won primarily because of the LOW VOTER TURNOUTS! Conservatives weren’t exactly coming out in droves for Stephen Harper, the problem with the Liberals prior to Justin Trudeau was that their candidates weren’t relatable, although Trudeau isn’t relatable, his name is “Trudeau” like it or not that’s a very powerful brand in Canada.

The Conservative Party actually has the most powerful brand in Canada, but true Conseravitve value Liberties and Freedoms, we’re not willing to exchange freedoms for welfare checks. Tories historically are protectionists, protectionists of the crown, the classical Liberals were for liberation, the modern branded Liberals are for corporate welfare.

Now, this is extremely problematic for the Tories, because they’re inherently protectionists and unwilling to cut the size of government? The Liberals of course understand, this fact and so continuously push to grow the size of government. It was actually the Chretien Liberals who cut the size of government, I like to remind people that one of the selling points for me regarding Stephen Harper was when he said he would cut GST, notice that he did that, and you didn’t see a decline in your standard of living?

Harper cut a few other regulations, but he also added regulations to the economy and of course, Justin Trudeau has been a government regulations machine. Combine that with reckless spending and Canada is seeing a historic rise in inflation. Erin O’Toole has said idiotic things like we’re going to protect your nest egg to homeowners?

The Liberals on the other hand have been wisely speaking gibberish regarding the economy, it’s not like most Canadians understand what’s going on anyway, true Conservatives and the remaining classical Liberals make up the bulk of people in Canada who see the consequences of what the Liberals are doing. Now, instead of speaking to these people, Erin O’Toole alienates them.

Now, I will defend Erin O’Toole in that his background shows that he’s probably ignorant about basic economics and therefore probably doesn’t comprehend how important it is to those of us who value freedom. Now, once a person is ignorant of Austrian economics, they’ll inadvertently say the wrong things when smart journalists ask them tough questions.

I like to point out to Canadians that a lot of journalists know exactly what’s going on, but they work for companies that are pushing a narrative and if they want to keep their jobs, they better push the narrative their bosses want them to push. These journalists know how to make Erin O’Toole look scary to people like me.

The worst type of tyrant is a Conservative tyrant because they often catch you by surprise, Erin O’Toole has the eyes of a tyrant. The 2021 election was his to win, but under the bright lights, his appeal was to the leftist, true conservatives will never forget that. Am I saying Erin O’Toole can’t win an election? No, he could win, anything could happen, but I don’t think he’s going to be liked, which ultimately means that he would most likely lean more to the Left if he were to be Prime Minister.

In closing Conservatives hate politics, I’m sorry but I’m not a fan of POLITICAL democracy. a Well governed REPUBLIC based on liberty, freedom, and justice for ALL is enough for me, as a species, we already know how to enrich all of humanity, political democracy is in the way of human progress. Because of political democracy, there’s now a carbon tax? Oil enriched the planet, but political democracy has decided Oil is evil and its market must be destroyed?

Erin O’Toole doesn’t have the heart to stand up for prosperity as a candidate, imagine what will happen, when he’s left alone with all of those leftist vultures, putting ideas in his head about growing the size of government? based on what I’ve seen from Candidate O’Toole, he’s going to break. What’s worse is when the Leftists break O’Toole, Milquetoast-Conservatives will come to his aid.

No way in hell I’ll support Erin O’Toole!

Interesting times ahead