Why Financial Education in Canadian Public Schools is necessary: Some People In New Brunswick want to see rent control a permanent policy option within the province – September 18, 2022,

So… Purpose-Built Rental Housing in Canada has some issues, and the number issue facing Purpose-Built Rental Housing are RENT CONTROLS, which is nothing but a fancy word for PRICE CONTROLS. Once the government gets into the price-fixing business, fewer developers of Purpose-Built Rental Housing will be interested in building in these areas.

The central bank of Canada’s main reason for existence is to prevent DEFLATION of prices; it often flies over the heads of people that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT creates inflation. If you look at Canadian currency, it will say “Legal Tender” somewhere on the banknote; I don’t even know if Canadian currency uses the words “money” anywhere on their banknotes.

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Money is supposed to be a measure or storer of wealth. In order for the size of ANY government to grow, most governments will try to avoid using REAL MONEY, so they can extract money from working-class people to make promises to their VOTERS. Because the government of Canada owns the means of Canada’s currency creation, it will often enact public policies that make HOUSING MORE EXPENSIVE; the private sector housing developers are merely the victims of government policies.

Are some landlords greedy? Absolutely, but greedy landlords don’t create SHORTAGES of housing; government policy creates shortages of housing because if, let’s say, the people of New Brunswick are successful in making rent control a permanent policy option within the province. Well, then fewer private developers will build housing there. This is something Mary Wilson told a legislative committee in New Brunswick; I assume these words fell on deaf ears, and why wouldn’t they?

In May, Mary Wilson, the Minister responsible for Service New Brunswick, told a legislative committee permanent rent caps were not an option.

“Implementing rent caps permanently could have a negative impact on the development of additional rental units and slow down investment in the housing sector. For this reason, it was decided to implement this measure temporarily,” Wilson remarked.

Tenants ‘anxious’ as New Brunswick’s temporary rent cap winds down | globalnews.ca

Financial Education is not taught in Canadian Public Schools.

Most Canadians imagined the government as all-powerful; a lot of Canadians see the government as having a monopoly on force, violence, and WELFARE and assume that the government should be able to enslave anyone within its borders. What these rental control advocates are actually advocating for is the NATIONALIZATION of private property; they want the government to have FULL control over the rental MARKETS so that the rental market becomes a POLITICAL market, that the PEOPLE of New Brunswick can vote on what the price of a rental unit should be via the POLITICAL process.

Now, once you understand that the believers of rent control want more politics in the rental market, then the next question you’d ask if you have financial education is why doesn’t the GOVERNMENT BUILD and maintain HOUSING? Why aren’t these advocates asking the government to build and maintain housing? And why doesn’t any government want to OFFER this service?

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As a financially educated person, that’s when a light in your head will go off, and you’ll realize that it’s the EXISTING Government-created laws surrounding Purpose-Built Rental Housing in Canada that are creating SHORTAGES of rentals. If a province is heavily regulated, there won’t be too many interested real estate developers who want to build purposed rental housing, and this is very bad for the people of New Brunswick, who don’t know why this is happening because then their focus will turn on the EXISTING landlords, who have high demands for the properties but can not raise prices to make improvements to existing properties or build new ones.


Let’s say I build rental-purpose housing in New Brunswick; chances are I know more about the province and its residents than the government of New Brunswick; why? Well, first and foremost, the people of New Brunswick will not fear me, so the bad tenants will usually expose themselves. This will allow me to collect data to make better decisions on how to properly vet tenants, meet their demands and what prices to charge for my services because, after all, I have to hire people to maintain the property, and those plumbers, electricians, and contractors have to be paid for their time and labour.

Now, if the government starts building housing, the government will want to cater to a certain segment of voters so that the government won’t be incentivized to vet tenants the way a landlord would; the government’s goal will be to score political points, so they can be reelected, which means that the cost to MAINTAIN government housing will be far more expensive for the government than it will be for the private sector landlord, furthermore, the government may also employee a public sector workforce to main it’s properties and this public sector workforce may decide to UNIONIZE to maximize their profits.

All of these UNNECESSARY expenses start to add up, and the bureaucracy that will surround housing will get larger and larger, making it more expensive for the government to maintain the properties they manage. This doesn’t seem like a big deal until a new government wants to make new promises to voters for something other than housing. Because if the government owns housing, it’s a LIABILITY/permanent expense on the government balance sheet.

The government will have this HUGE maintenance expense for housing on its balance sheet that it has to service every month to tenants who are now disincentivized from working because a working-class tenant living in government housing will not want to move out and pay market rental prices. Meaning that not only will government housing be more expensive to maintain, but the government will also find that it’s collecting fewer taxes!


The affordable housing crisis in New Brunswick and the calls for action: ‘No more blame game’ | globalnews.ca

So why, then is the media not educating the public as to what’s really going on? Well, the media doesn’t make headlines by educating the public because an educated public will require EDUCATED journalists. If you read from most journalists, most of them lean towards one side of the political aisle to meet the DEMANDS of their audiences.

So this is how misinformation is often spread or people will pick and choose what portion of an article they like so that they can push their agenda. In the article I point to below, Mary Wilson ACCURATELY explains, what’s happening in a few words, but obviously, her words fall on deaf ears. The reason a lot of people don’t understand why price controls are a bad thing is that there’s no financial education in our public schools.

People imagine that prices go up because landlords are greedy, but in a capitalist system, too much greed is PUNISHED; when the government is greedy, it’s punished by higher maintenance costs for housing that can’t be used to pay for other much-needed public services. Now, even existing homeowners are willing to rent out THEIR properties, but as you know, these housing advocates want RENTERS to have the ability to DICTATE what price a homeowner can charge for renting their property, meaning that existing homeowners are becoming increasingly RELUCTANT to rent out their properties to renters, thus making the problem even worse.

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I’m describing the root cause of rental shortages in this post, but if all of this is flying over your head, don’t worry; it’s normal; you might not know that you may have been brainwashed to see the world through the eyes of politically motivated individuals who wanted to use you as their personal pawn to further their social and political careers.

Financial education is about being able to think about things more. CLEARLY, financial education is not a liberal or conservative debate; it’s a money debate, it’s a common sense debate; financial education allows you to look into the future, so if you’re lacking Financial education, consider getting yourself a basic financial edcuation

Tenants ‘anxious’ as New Brunswick’s temporary rent cap winds down | globalnews.ca

Interesting times ahead!

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