Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

Why I like Pierre Poilievre Keeping His Political Campaign SIMPLE: Justin Trudeau’s oversimplified solutions work on voters, humans like “easy” answers – April 13, 2022,


When Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister in 2022, he had a rather simple message to voters. He promised to legalize Pot and he delivered. I don’t smoke marihuana in fact I still have problems spelling marihuana, but for single-issue voters, the value Trudeau brought was that he was willing to do something no other politician was willing to do at the Federal level at the time.

All that aside, it’s been a downhill battle ever since Erin O’Toole was the most popular candidate in the last election and the People’s Party of Canada managed to get over 800,000 votes in the 2021 election. What this signals to me is that even if Justin Trudeau continues to win, opposition to him is growing. Justin Trudeau election after election keeps his messages simple, his government will spend money to buy votes, almost every time I hear Trudeau speak, it seems like he’s spending money on something and Pierre Poilievre appears to be countering Trudeau’s speeches with his own simple solutions.

I’m of the belief Stephen Harper became Prime Minister because of simple messages, Stephen Harper said he would cut the GST, life was still expensive under Paul Martins’s Liberals, sure the Chretien-Martin Liberals engaged in austerity but humans like deflationary prices, and Stephen Harper TARGETED this. The first chance voters had, they took Stephen Harper up on his offer to LOWER THEIR COST OF LIVING and Harper won THREE elections(2006, 2008, and 2011).

When Harper lost the 2015 election, oddly enough he lost because he had become inflexible, I thought Trudeau’s legalization of Pot was an excellent strategy at the time, I had friends who don’t vote at all, voting for Justin Trudeau, because of that one issue. After a politician saves people money, the people get used to it, bored by it, they the voter will imagine that this is just how things are now and it’s for this reason why Politicians have to find creative ways to keep voters happy.

Now, obviously, if you’re a spendthrift Liberal, you hold onto power by promising voters more stuff, but even that gets old, because I don’t know too many people who GENUINELY like Big corporations or being reliant on Government services. Even people on Welfare will complain about their entitlement. Is Justin Trudeau on the decline? I don’t know, but I remember how it felt before Kathleen Wynne left office in Ontario, she was simply a disaster and Ontarians had enough of her. Are Canadians there yet with Justin Trudeau? I don’t know, but I do think Pierre Poilievre is onto something.

He has 3 years to make his case, and every time the ost of living goes up, Justin Trudeau will be blamed, because after all via the NDP-Liberal merger, the NDP and Liberals have taken complete ownership over this economy. Prior to the merger, Trudeau could blame his shortcomings on his opposition, he can’t do that anymore because he’s basically ruling by fiat.

This presents a huge opportunity for Pierre Poilievre to build his campaign, if there’s a huge demand for Pierre Poilievre by 2025, he will destroy Justin Trudeau and the legacy attached to that name. I like to point out that the Liberal Party brand was dying prior to Justin Trudeau, the NDP was surging and during that period there was no People’s Party of Canada.

I personally believe that Pierre Poilievre will even breathe life into the People’s Party of Canada because I do see holes in Pierre Poilievre’s game, that The People’s Party of Canada can poke at. Why The People’s Party of Canada is important to me, is because if the People’s Party of Canada becomes the Liberty version of the NDP, Canada can actually start having some substantive debates for a change. One of the most annoying things for me is listening to the NDP and Liberals during a debate, they don’t debate ideas.

They throw insults at their opposition and Canadians have gotten used to this? I’d like this to change personally, because we can’t improve the human condition, with lazy politics. As you’ll notice I give credit to people I disagree with, because like it or it, sometimes people you disagree with have ideas and strategies you should consider.

Simple messaging works, why? Because Canadians have lives of their own, they don’t have time to read every bill, understand economics and comprehend how government regulations will destroy their lives. If you comprehend how government regulations destroy lives, you’re of the MINORITY, the majority, don’t get care, they just want the government to make their lives better, the specifics are “whatever”.

Many of us know government often makes the lives of the people they serve WORSE, but if you’re in the know, try explaining that to someone not in the know in 3 minutes? lmao! Simple messaging works, whether you like it or not and I personally think Pierre Poilievre is onto something!

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Interesting times ahead!