Why Oil Prices Are likely Headed Lower: Protests Against The Chinese Communist Party in China, Challenge President Xi Jinping and his STUPID zero-covid policy – November 28, 2022,



So, this is interesting; now, clearly, there’s a global recession, but sure no problem, I can play along let’s imagine the global economy is booming and OPEC is NOT cutting supply to keep oil prices elevated, ok fine, let’s go with that narrative, well, if that’s the reality, China or the Chinese economy, as well as Chinese leadership has just been exposed, and, well, we’re going to have to see how the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) reacts to these protests?

Here’s the problem with the recent protests in China, at least how I see it now, it’s an ECONOMIC, FINANCIAL, and POLITICAL loss no matter what happens. If they get these protests under control, I assume the CCP is going to have to be AGGRESSIVE with their PRODUCTIVE classes, which is going to leave a bad taste in YOUNG people’s mouths about their government, financially this is obviously expensive regardless of how the CCP deals with these protests.

And politically, this is a sign of weakness, which means that the CCP will have to PROJECT STRENGTH, and projecting strength when your people only want to work and feed their families? What does that look like exactly? I don’t know, but it sounds expensive; it’s not like protests are something new in China; however, now they’re becoming more frequent. As I wrote in the past, if people start getting desperate, China could quickly become a hotbed for terrorist attacks against the Chinese Communist Party.

Once people start feeling like they have nothing to lose, a SWITCH goes off, and once that switch goes off, people’s entire lives might be dedicated to ending the reign of the CCP; I’ve already heard from plenty of Chinese people who are buying their time to end the regime, I don’t know how serious these people are, but when I listen to them, they sound devoted.

I’m not sure what the goal of zero covid is. The world has moved past covid at this point, and quite frankly, now that BIG PHARMA is making so much money from Covid, there appears to be a cultural shift happening in the west, especially now that the evidence is pointing to the vaccines being more harmful than good.

So if the goal of the CCP is to show the world that the Chinese Communist Party has 100% eradicated Covid-19, the CCP should be aware that NOBODY CARES anymore. Covid-19 appears to be yesterday’s news. On the topic of oil and how this all relates is that at least for now, this LOOKS like a DEFLATIONARY event, and I don’t know how much more supply OPEC is going to want to cut because if China comes back online and supply is WAY down, it could pose some problems for OPEC.

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I am personally predicting that the Republican Party is in the process of riding itself off Donald Trump, which equates to potentially more moderate politics coming back to the mainstream. Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump represent an era in which the world would rather forget, and I think 2023 will see them both as individuals Americans want to move away from; I’m hopeful what comes next is NOT more extreme but more moderate whether Democrats or Republicans.

However, in the meantime, this has to play itself out, and the Chinese government is a huge player in the global economy; I’m not one of those people who imagine consumers phasing out China; what I can imagine is supply chains being INTERRUPTED and these supply chain issues. Raining havoc on the western world, which I think will lead to lower oil prices.

Oil prices erase 2022 gains as China’s protests spark demand worries | reuters.com

Interesting times ahead!