Why The Economics of Environmental, social, and corporate governance(ESG) is doomed to fail and how to Profit from the Fall of Global Socialism – August 5, 2022.

What’s that, you say? You thought we beat and discredited socialism decades ago? Yeah, but… Socialists don’t have much to offer humanity except for empty promises that sound nice to the human ear but are economically destructive in practice. Why would PRIVATE companies sign on to the ESG movement? Well, you have to remember that a lot of private companies in Western countries HIRED a lot of these WOKE CEOs who very well may have gone to the WOKE School of Business.

When I was growing up, if you saw a minority or a woman in a CEO position, it was an absolute certainty that they EARNED their position, in 2022, if you see a minority or woman in a position of power, they could be there via a special quota large corporations have to adhere to in order to avoid scrutiny of their government. 

Joe Biden checks his watch during ceremony for Marines killed in Afghanistan Because Joe Bidens botched withdrawal

Joe Biden checks his watch during ceremony for Marines killed in Afghanistan Because Joe Bidens botched withdrawal

In both Canada and the United States as an example, both the Joe Biden Administration and the Justin Trudeau Federal Cabinet are FILLED with people who got their positions because the new Liberal-Progress agenda includes things like gender parity, meaning that the people you see in Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau government are not the best and brightest, instead their there to represent a WOKE agenda.

13 U.S. troops killed in the Kabul suicide bombing many more wounded because of Joe Biden

13 U.S. troops killed in the Kabul suicide bombing many more wounded because of Joe Biden

In Canada and the United States never have we seen such dysfunction in the government, it’s getting quite scary to observe, actually, and the fish rots from the head down. If you’ve ever read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand the book revolves around the behavior and actions of PRIVATE sector participants when they’re faced with public pressure as well as family pressures from INCOMPETENT people, who imagine they can do a better job operating their business than the OWNERS of the business can.

No more moving up the corporate ladder because of competence; now, you have a lot of LARGE companies who allow people to move up the corporate ladder because they check the “ESG” boxes. One of the great things about a market economy is that you can see failure from a distance; however, what failure will ULTIMATELY look like is anyone guess.

Sometimes it could take 100 years before a socialist idea is dead and buried. In many parts of Africa and Latin America, socialism is alive and strong. The nation of Colombia recently made former Communist Guerilla Gustavo Petro the President of the country. How could this happen, you argue? Easy we’re on a fiat monetary system in which the United States dominates, and the key to this fiat money dominance is OIL.

Well, Joe Biden declared WAR on DOMESTIC fossil fuel production, which led to OPEC+ countries now having a defacto monopoly on Oil prices. Why would Colombians then vote for a Communist Guerilla? Well, guess what country Gustavo Petro wants to unite with? His neighboring Oil-rich Venezuela, ofcourse. Nif Americans didn’t make the mistake of making Joe Biden the President, chances are Colombians wouldn’t be facing record-high INFLATION.

At the very least, the voters could argue that Gustavo Petro won’t be making ESG a part of his agenda. Former Communist nation of Russia, the current communist nation of China, and other authoritarian regimes, at this moment, can JUSTIFIABLY look at the Western world as weak, only an idiot would t and phase out oil without having a VIABLE alternative in place, but the leaders of the ESG movement, many of whom have NEVER experienced an economic downturn, do not imagine the world this way and the faster you comprehend the stupidity of ESG the faster you can put your capital to work for you FAR, FAR away from it.

During periods like this, you want to follow the safety and follow the cash flow, most of these ESG companies can’t pay a dividend, and if they can, you’ll want to research how that dividend is being paid. Solar and Wind as constructed now, can’t pay a dividend without the help of the government. It still annoys me how people continue to lie about how Solar and Wind generate electricity.

Solar and Wind have no BASELOAD power now; what does that mean exactly it? This means under our Alternating Current model, a lot of solar and Wind energy is being WASTED. Solar and Wind have created Direct Current, which then has to be converted to alternating current, which then can’t rally remain idle for too long because it can’t be STORED anywhere.

Solar and Wind are both HEAVILY reliant on government subsidies, so if a solar or wind company is paying you a dividend. You’re being rewarded for ESG incompetence. Staying on the topic of solar and wind, People talk about Nuclear being this evil thing, well did you know in 1954, the U.S. tested its first hydrogen bomb fueled with a lithium compound? Lithium is just as deadly as Nuclear.

I remember being a forklift driver in my younger years and assuming the propane forklift was more dangerous than the electric forklift. I was wrong; the electric forklift was more deadly than the propane forklift, so much so that most of our training revolved around the maintenance of the electric forklift. I don’t know what planet these ESG people are living on, but there’s nothing environmental about solar or wind.

Justin Trudeau Dumb and Dumber

Justin Trudeau Dumb and Dumber

Regarding the “social” aspects of the ESG, as an investor, you’re going to want to pay close attention to competence because only recently have SOME of these WOKE CEOs been getting fired. Many of them won’t be fired and what a lot of these ESG companies have been doing is lobbying the government. You’ll notice with Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau as an example, the laws they’re trying to get passed continue to get dumb and dumber; why? Because they have lobbyist groups, they have to adhere to.

In the mind of any Progressive Socialist, they might be imagining a “greater good” furthermore, Socialists also assume all people are corrupt, so they’ll justify in their minds that being corrupt is just playing the game of politics. As an investor, you have to comprehend this and accept it for what it is; trying to make sense of Justin Trudeau or Joe Biden will drive you insane instead, pay close attention to their AGENDA.

Why would ESG companies want to phase out DOMESTIC fossil fuels? Who knows? Who cares? What you need to focus on is what the end game is going to be. The overall MACRO picture of what happens when a few industries are granted monopoly status by the government. Haven’t you been noticing that Russia and China all of sudden appear to have more competent economies than most Western Nations?

Has China or Russia become better at governance, or has the Western World merely embraced one of the DUMBEST Socialism experiments ever devised? ESG, from an economics perspective, is STUPID, but stupid might be here for a long time, so you’d be wise to prepare yourself right now. Communist Gustavo Petro was made President of Colombia FAIR and SQUARE; why? Because of rampant inflation!

Sure, people like me listen to Austrian Economic thinkers, but the average person doesn’t, and that’s okay; it’s a free world, but not everyone wants freedom; most humans want security, and you’d better recognize what that means, in my mind, it equates to EVENTUALLY austerity measures being employed, but this could take DECADES!

Interesting times ahead!