Will Bank of Canada and U.S Federal Reserve Be Forced To Wage War against Progressive Governments? If Interest Rates don’t rise, austerity measures will NOT be an option – November 10, 2021,

If you’re unaware, progressive ideas, socialist ideas, Leftist ideas, none of them work, they have, they never will, the best thing to happen to Leftism is Fiat Money The Federal Reserve, and the Eurodollar system. If we were on a Gold Standard the Federal Reserve or any bank for that matter couldn’t buy bad debt in the manner in buys it today. Innovation is the only economical way to fight DEFLATION.

The current method governments use to fight economic deflation is by printing fiat money are stealing a person’s purchasing power. Because there exists something called “worlds reserve currencies” the currencies that don’t qualify for this status have to incentivize holders of its currencies to spend and invest with their currency, whereas if you’re a beneficiary of living in a country with world reserve currency status, your currency will be imagined as something worth saving.

The end result of this rule-by-fiat system is that bad government policies can often be hidden for prolonged periods of time. Bad policies are often only revealed when people really begin getting angry at the people in charge of governing. The higher cost of living is a government-created problem, inflating is a fiat money phenomenon and it occurs primarily because of government price controls and government regulations.

As an example, the minimum wage law is a government price control and the carbon tax is both a government price control and a regulation on industry. Regulations on industries can create all sorts of distortions in the marketplace, sometimes a simple regulation can have a devastating effect on the economy. In California, their government forced contractors and gig economy workers to be employees and because of this a lot of truck drivers left California.

Now, I’m certain when lawmakers in California created the law, they imagined it not to be that big of a deal, turns out they were wrong, not only were they wrong, but the truckers shortage also led to a problem for the workers at California docks, because prior regulations didn’t allow containers to be stacked beyond a certain height, plus it added onto an additional workload for unionized dockers, which made them file more complaints.

Now, all of this madness is an easy fix, if the central banks refuse to buy government debt and raise interest rates, but the likelihood of that happening is close to zero because most people don’t understand that the government is the problem and therefore it’s likely this nonsense will persist at least for the next few years until people have enough.

Bitcoin has reached $68,000 but it looks very volatile almost like a Jenga game in which if you pull out the wrong piece the entire thing comes crashing down. But Bitcoin is a sign of how bad things are. NORMALIZING interest rates, probably won’t change policy right away, but it will wake people up because what you have to understand is that most people don’t even know what a down market is or how to function in a deflationary market.

Deflation actually isn’t that big of a deal, it’s made a big deal because the public sector is BLOATED and if interest rates rise, taxes will have to rise and if taxes rise people will start to ask what for and when the answer becomes increasingly apparent that taxes are rising to pay for government salaries, that’s when society can actually begin to heal. By heal, I don’t mean everyone is going to accept the reality that the government had a lot of bad ideas, but it will give some people the chance to see who the real trouble makers are.

Interesting times ahead