a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

Will Justin Trudeau Step Down as Prime Minister? He’s Unpopular; His Fossil Fuel Regulations are Fueling Consumer Price Inflation, He Can’t Win a Majority, and NDP have him by the Balls – September 14, 2022,


To be fair to the current Prime Minister of Canada, there’s a way for him to a majority, but he’d have to destroy the NDP. Luckily for Trudeau, the Green Party is EXTREMELY dysfunctional at the moment. Their party president QUIT, leaving the party in limbo, as one could expect, Justin Trudeau, with consumer price inflation running rampant in CANADA, has destroyed the Green Agenda, and I have to remind you that the Green Agenda just started and if Justin Trudeau wants to it bad enough he could be Prime Minister until 2025.

Green Party president quits, tells members ‘the dream is dead’ | cbc.ca

If you listen to these environmental socialists, they have plans for 2030, 2040, and 2050; well, it’s 2022, and Consumer price inflation is ALREADY running rampant, and Justin Trudeau is ALREADY in a position where he NEEDS to buy votes to stay alive. This is NOT a good sign for the Left-wingers all over Canada because you have to remember that some people vote for BIG GOVERNMENT because they imagine their standard of living will be the same as it was previously.

Canada isn’t some developing nation; it’s a DEVELOPED nation; people have EXPECTATIONS of EFFICIENCY when they step foot in this country. Justin Trudeau, with his war on fossil fuels and his divisive social justice politics, is fueling consumption price inflation on MULITPLE fronts, and the people Trudeau has to worry about are not his LOYAL supporters, no, no, no, it’s the independents that he has to worry about, the young voters, who may TUNE HIM OUT because ruining their youth.

Is Justin Trudeau DESTROYING the Trudeau brand

When I was growing up Pierre Trudeau was considered cool; he made Left-wingers in Canada feel special, and the Left Wingers felt like they were MORALLY superior to everyone else; Pierre was just as tyrannical as Justin is. HOWEVER, Pierre hid it well, and Pierre Trudeau was smart enough to exit politics after implementing his tyrannical agendas.

After Pierre Trudeau made Universal Health Care law of the land in Canada, he WISELY left politics and left Conservatives and a new look Liberal Party to deal with the disasters he caused. Justin Trudeau, on the other hand, is NOT as popular as his dad, he hasn’t won a majority government since he legalized Pot, and if we’re to be honest, he’s had to face some very WEAK opposition.


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I think Justin Trudeau was smart to call a snap election in 2021; if I were as clueless as Trudeau and his team are, I’d assume I’d wipe the floor with Erin O’Toole also. Erin O’Toole has to be one of the WEAKEST Conservative Party Candidates ever, and O’Toole beat Trudeau in the popular vote? In the video I point to below, Pierre Poilievre, who, by the way, was raised by a Gay adopted father, is just getting comfortable as an opposition leader; and listen to him; he hasn’t even caught his stride yet and listen to him.

Notice how comfortable he’s getting after only one day at the job. Most people in his position would be nervous. Andrew Scheer was visibly nervous, and Erin O’Toole looked TERRIFIED when he was first announced. Pierre Poilievre, in the interview below, looks at best a little uncomfortable because he has to know the onslaught that will be coming his way from Canada’s Left Wing media.

Conservatives putting Trudeau ‘on notice’ over affordability plan: Poilievre | yahoo.com

Trudeau is in trouble, and he knows it; now more than ever, Jagmeet Singh and the NDP can get more aggressive with Justin. Will the NDP become more demanding with the Liberals? I don’t know, but they’re in their right to be. Maybe the NDP lay off Trudeau, but if they opt for this strategy, Justin SHOULD court NDP supporters and level with them; hey, I’m pursuing your agenda; why don’t you NDP supporters give up on Jagmeet and throw your support behind the Liberal Party of Canada? Give those gullible NDP supporters the Trudeau smile and charm, call a snap election, and hope for the best.

Yes, Trudeau indeed can win a majority, but if he calls a snap election and the support isn’t there, not only could he lose, he could hand the Conservatives a MAJORITY government. But you see, that’s not the worst-case scenario because, as you know, one of the talents of being a TRUE conservative is understanding the ECONOMY.


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If you’re Conservative, you don’t have to imagine the world in the exact same way the writer of the post imagines the world. Still, you know instinctively that excessive REGULATIONS on production, taxes, and government borrowing ONLY to buy votes is a recipe for ECONOMIC disaster. When the government borrows money, the idea behind it is to increase the CASH FLOW via TAXES coming into the government.

Those of you in business comprehend that if you’re going into debt, your business has to be CASH FLOW positive in order for you to service your debts and for your enterprise(s) to be solvent; well same goes for the government. Justin Trudeau and his cabinet clearly do not understand this, and it’s becoming abundantly apparent to anyone listening to Trudeau making speech after speech handing out Canadian currency to people and entities who don’t have the ABILITY to generate positive cash flow for the government.

Consumer Price inflation is DEFLATIONARY to the Economy.

Handing out currency is not something you do when CONSUMER price inflation is running rampant. People may not understand the difference between asset and consumer price inflation; consumer price inflation is DEFLTONARY to the economy. Asset price inflation allows people to borrow money and EXPAND the money supply; consumer price inflation takes EQUITY out of the economy.

Some people think Central banks are making a mistake raising interest rates, and what I have to remind people is that the purpose of having a central bank is to prevent DEFLATION! CAPITALism is inherently DEFLATIONARY, if the government was smaller and the population embraced individualism, the economy would be more efficient, and there would be less CAPITAL necessary.

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Most people don’t understand capitalism; you’ll often hear rich people say it’s not about money; that usually flies over people’s heads, but a lot of rich people are rich because of what they KNOW! a lot of rich people have NOTHING in their names because when you’re mentally rich, you’re thinking about POTENTIAL LIABILITIES, being mentally rich means buying assets, or making friends with other people who are mentally rich.

Trudeau announces first steps on dental care, boosts to housing benefit, GST credit | cbc.ca

Individualism allows a person to think like a rich person; collectivism DAMNS you to poverty! When you understand this, you’ll better understand why money without government levers is despised by believers of collectivism. Most Conservatives talk about abolishing the minimum wage law, for Progressives and socialists types, they don’t understand why we’re so “greedy,” well wages are nothing more than a fancy word for PRICES. If wages are FIXED, or if there are ANY price controls in the economy, the government will HAVE to control and centralize the money supply in order for this silly minimum wage law to work.

There are now thousands of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin being the favorite; well, with real money, the same laws apply; now, let’s suppose the government of a country made Bitcoin legal tender, and a minimum wage law was declared, but there were loopholes to this law. Let’s say Bitcoin as legal tender, but as an employer, I could pay wages in Ethereum, avoiding the minimum wage law; all private businesses in that country might stop paying using Bitcoin, and that one move would expose the powerlessness of the government.

It gets even better with CAPITALism; maybe instead of using capital to avoid paying taxes, people start bartering exclusively? This is DEFLTIONARY; this is why central banks and all of these rules and regulations via the government exist; it’s because CAPITAL is ONLY a measuring tool, and the market ultimately decides VALUE.

How what I’m writing is relevant to Justin Trudeau is that he keeps on betting on the WRONG ECONOMIC horse, but maybe he knows how to win elections. You’re witnessing in real time why Socrates was critical of DEMOCRACY. Trudeau isn’t the first idiot politician to become a leader of a developed nation, but I hope you’re comprehending how HITLER rose to power.

I hope you comprehend how tyrants find their way to the top of the political food chain; VOTERS want something for nothing, voters want EASY answers, voters are susceptible to collectivists’ ideas, and voters who might imagine economics as something left to the EXPERTS, might indeed, opt for a Justin Trudeau imagining that he will help them take advantage of the WELFARE State.

The way I see it, unless Trudeau changes course, consumer price inflation is not going away. If consumer price inflation is not going away, the NDP and Liberal merger lasts until 2025, then the bank of Canada will have a difficult time lowering interest rates. The bank of Canada is raising interest rates to STOP deflation, the Bank of Canada is trying to warn Justin Trudeau to stop spending.


Below is the Trudeau popularity tracker by Angus Reid; if the data does not show up below, you can click the link provided or search for “Trudeau popularity in Google”.

Approve/Disapprove of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau | angusreid.org


You have to remember that Central Banks are supposed to PRETEND not to be political, but their very existence revolves around PREVENTING DEFLATION. Hyperinflation, by the way, is DEFLATIONARY, DON’T allow anyone to convince you otherwise; hyperinflation is nothing more than a botched attempt by the government trying to HIDE consumer price inflation. When hyperinflation happens to a country, more STUFF doesn’t appear, actually the OPPOSITE happens, fewer people want to hoard a CURRENCY that is hyperinflation; this is why the Bank of Canada and the Federal Reserve are raising rates.


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Now, some are arguing that the central banks will abandon this mission, and I have nothing to say about that, but this war on fossil fuels is creating SHORTAGES of energy; like it or not, fossil fuels are responsible for our standard of living, I started this article writing about the dissolving of the GREEN PARTY of Canada for a reason, I hope you’re understanding why, Trudeau has been EXPOSED as fraud even on the Left.

Most Progressives are being exposed as frauds. However, it takes time for things to play out; we’re in the early stages; I’ve stated in prior posts that I used to be an environmentalist, but that was until I figured out who was behind all of this stuff, more and more people are starting to figure out that climate change is a HOAX!

Temporary boost to GST rebate appropriate amid high inflation: economists | citynews.ca

If Climate change is a hoax and consumer price inflation is running rampant to fuel this scam, how are Progressive politicians beginning to look to young people? I’ll let you figure that one out for yourself; in the meantime, this post revolves around Trudeau potentially abandoning ship, but people who thirst for power, never want to admit defeat, so maybe instead of stepping down, Trudeau will watch his support slowly melt away. I’ve stated in prior posts that the Federal Liberals remind me of Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario Liberal Party, just a larger platform and way more skin-crawling-embarrassment for all Canadians when people reflect on what we allowed ourselves to become.

Feds to announce details of cost-of-living help for low, modest-income Canadians | nationalpost.com

Interesting times ahead!