Will Justin Trudeau’s 2 Tiered Society Destroy Canada’s Ban on Private Health Care: Health-care workers quitting in droves, FORCED COVID-19 VACCINATIONS, massive staff shortages – July 20, 2022,

So the CBC video/article I point to below concentrates on VACCINATED Canadian nurses who are quitting because of burnout. What the video below ignores are the UNVACINATED nurses who were basically forced off their jobs, which is the REAL problem. The key thing to understand about what’s happening in Canadian healthcare is that a lot of COMPETENT nurses were FORCED out of the profession.

Because nursing requires education, this isn’t a quick fix; some are calling for a more lax immigration system, but you see, that’s really not the problem, is it? The problem is that competent nurses have been REGULATED out of a job. Not only have they been regulated out of a job, but a presence has been set that has now NORMALIZED government having the ability to strip you of your job if you don’t adhere to government mandates.

Let’s ignore Covid-19 for a moment; the problem is now, what will happen if a new disease happens? This is not only a government problem; this is a DEMOCRACY problem; a lot of people, to this very day, remain supportive of Justin Trudeau’s draconian approach to tackling covid-19. So if you’re a health care professional in Canada or seeking to be one, you’re basically signing up for a prison sentence in the event something similar to Covid-19 happens again.

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Until proven otherwise, when you add the Liberal, NDP, Bloc, and Green vote, most Canadians are indeed Left-Leaning, and at times even the Conservative Party, to remain popular, will embrace draconian measures also. Jean Charest, if made leader of the Federal Conservative Party as an example, has spoken out AGAINST the Freedom Convoy protestors and Jean Charest does come across as an authoritarian figure, so even if you want to point the blame SQUARELY on Justin Trudeau, the problem with health care in Canada appears to be a DEMOCRACY problem.

A large chunk of Canadians feel as though healthcare professionals are the property of the government, and anyone who signs up to be a healthcare professional should be forced to adhere to any vaccine mandates created by the State because we’re not SLAVES, what most humans do to avoid feeling like a serf is avoidig a profession altogether.

In the video, the Nurse who quit points to paperwork is one of the leading causes of burnout, which is basically a regulatory burden levied on her by the government, but she almost appears traumatized by the entire experience, which is normal, but yourself in her shoes. It’s always natural for government workers who don’t have to do these jobs to overshoot.

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In the mind of the Liberal government, they want to look STRONG and powerful, in control of the situation, so all levels of government basically sided with Justin Trudeau and created a two-tiered society. If you look at things from Justin Trudeau and the company’s perspective, they imagine that throwing money at the Health Care shortage problem is an easy fix, but regulations are BARRIERS to entry.

Why are so many goods manufactured in China? The answer is REGULATIONS, sure a minimum wage might sound nice, but the artificially high price of labor created by a government PRICE CONTROL REGULATION led to PROFIT seekers looking for alternatives. Wages are basically a made up term, when you’re a wage earner, you’re working for SELF; wages only mean that the price for your hourly labor is FIXED.

There’s an exodus of nurses from hospitals, but where are they going? | cbc.ca

Many nurses are leaving Ontario hospital jobs to start their own companies, work in smaller clinics, move to other provinces or the U.S., where the pay is better, or even turn freelance.

I personally know healthcare professionals who left Canada for the U.S, and who could blame them? SureUniversal health care is nice for the RECIPIENT, but the nurse is person stuck doing all the work, and why shouldn’t the nurse not go where they can be most profitable and where they can be treated best. In America, the Federal Government isn’t as involved in Health care as it is in Canada.

Depending on what U.S State you’re living in, you can make a lot of money working as a health care professional and enjoy a much lower and better cost of living. Yes, some U.S States are dangerous, but most aren’t, especially if you avoid major U.S cities, which most Canadians do when they migrate south of the border.

If someone truly loves nursing and will basically be working in a hospital for most of their working years, why waste time in Canada, a Democracy in which the people are willing to subject you to harsh treatment or take your talents to the United States, in which you could literally shop around. Although in Canada, our news bombards us with the worst parts of the United States, the U.S is a very large country with a lot of opportunities for hard-working people.

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Why this is problematic for Canada is that this two-tiered society created by Justin Trudeau is already leading to behavioral changes. You have to remember if a person can never imagine themselves working for the government, even if that individual is PRO-BIG-GOVERNMENT, they’re not going to do jobs that could compromise their own freedom.

I’ve seen it plenty of times in which a Left Winger is supportive of a draconian law because they assume that they’ll never PERSONALLY be affected by that law. It’s human nature for most people to want to get the benefits of the ruling class without being a victim of it. The problem with Universal Health Care is what Justin Trudeau and all the Provinces are doing right now.

The government, via the will of the Canadian people, are treating health care professionals like PROPERTY. I have family that worked in hospitals, and they’Ve told me how DESRECTPECTFUL a lot of patients were to them PRE-COVID! Because, after all, when a service is imagined to be free and paid for via taxes, those health care workers can be considered by some worthy of abuse?

Because health care in the United States is PRIVATE, as an example, some health care professionals in the U.S will opt to work in more UPSCALE medical establishments. Upscale in the sense of avoiding dealing with problematic UNGRATEFUL clients. You have to pay for a private room in a private hospital in the United States, whereas in Canada, some assume that to be a RIGHT!

In Canada, you’ll have people who never worked a day in their life in Canada, enjoying fabulous health care, which is all well and good if that’s what the democracy in Canada wants. But understand, once a career is POLITICIZED, the workforce in this politicized environment will begin changing their behavior based on how they’re treated during periods in history.

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Whether Canadian want to admit it or not, Justin Trudeau opened up pandora’s box, and he could be the Prime Minister responsible for changes to Pierre Trudeau’s demonization of Private Health Care. Canadians tend to forget that Canada’s stance on health care mirrors CUBA. Pierre Trudeau BANNED Private health care, people who remember the Saskatchewan model under former Premier Tommy Douglas, which still required contributions.

What Pierre Trudeau was really doing by banning private health care in Canada was attempting to solve the Quebec separatist movement, which he helped to FUEL with his prior radical policies. For many of us, we’d like a better review of Pierre Trudeau in Canadian history, yes he was a GLOBAL celebrity, but let’s stop pretending he was greater than he was.

I find it interesting that Justin Trudeau appears to be the man that will destroy Pierre Trudeau at present; Trudeau’s popularity stems from him throwing money at problems. When you watch the video I point to below, Justin Trudeau mentions NOTHING about getting rid of the Covid-19 regulations. Instead, he mentions how much money he borrowed to throw at the health care problems.

Because Health care in Canada isn’t private, and medical professionals in Canada are UNIONIZED, the existing health care professionals are looking for a PAY RAISE. What a pay raise means is that it will cost the Canadian government MORE money per EMPLOYEE and because Canada’s health care system is not governed by any COMPETITIVE market forces, this is going to equate to more money purchasing FEWER health care professionals.

Canada is currently experiencing record high CONSUMER inflation, and asset price inflation is also stubbornly high and may indeed remain so as that is the government’s intent. What does this mean exactly? I’m not sure, but on the surface, it looks unsustainable; I’ve been writing for some time now that the Canadian economy is on a crash course with AUSTERITY MEASURES!

But the last thing lovers of Big Government want to do is shrink the size and influence of government, so in my opinion, you’d be wise to prepare yourself just in case, there’s a rocky economic road ahead.

Health-care workers quitting in droves as burnout, staff shortages plague system. Canada’s stumbling health-care system is now facing funding and staffing challenges that threaten the entire sector. Burnt-out and over-worked nurses are quitting in droves, while jurisdictions struggle to convince them to stay.

Health-care workers quitting in droves as burnout, staff shortages plague system | cbc.ca

Interesting times ahead!