With all the Taxes Paid in B.C the Barrowtown Pump Station Failure is Leftists Buffoonery to the highest degree, Social and Climate Justice Instead of SERVICING CRITICAL Infrastructure – November 17, 2021,

Have you ever seen the amount of taxes people pay in B.C, forget the overpriced real estate market in Vancouver, property values are bloated all over British Columbia. The whole sales pitch of big government goes something like this send us more money and we’ll take care of everything. Now, as one would think this Sumas Prairie debacle would have been the perfect time for the Leftists to promote their corporate welfare climate change agenda, but when you read into the details, the evidence clearly shows, this disaster was created by a lack of maintenance.

Landlocked Alberta and Saskatchewan, shouldn’t be Canada’s richest provinces, the richest province in Canada should be British Columbia, it shouldn’t even be close, on paper British Colombia is actually poorer than Ontario. The U.S Border, direct access to Asia, all sorts of UNDISCOVERED resources in the ground. B.C is poor because they decided to vote for the NDP over and over and over again.

Anyway enough ranting, Canadians are suffering and this will be a major blow to farmers whose livelihoods are reliant on that plot of land. We all need to do our parts and do what we can to help these people out. Someone needs to remind these Left Wing Nuts that they need to stop wasting money, this is not funny, it’s not a game, Justin Trudeau has been debasing Canada’s currency and rewarding people, this includes Government people NOT to work.

Adding fuel to the fire, the Federal and Provincial governments have been going to war with Canadians who aren’t vaccinated, one problem leads to the next problem which leads to the next problem. Our civilization is FRAGILE. It’s not like this didn’t happen before, this happened in 1948, so there’s a record of this occurring and the government should be aware of how important the Barrowtown pump station is to this community.

In leftist land, the priority is usually social justice, well there’s NO JUSTICE if our infrastructure isn’t maintained. The reason infrastructure is often ignored has to do with taxes and money collected by the government being diverted to social justice causes. It’s still hard for me to believe that humanity is so dumb that it accepts a carbon tax?

In March of this year, the Fraser Basin Council issued a report stating a major flood of the river could cost between $20 billion and $30 billion in damages? Leftists dumb down society it’s really that simple. Oh don’t worry that can’t happen here, we’re Canadians, our government knows what’s it doing Let’s tax the rich some more and kill the oil and gas sectors, while we’re at it let’s burn down some Christian churches and pretend it never happened.

I call it stupidity, some will call it Karma, all of a sudden a food shortage problem that didn’t need to happen, might become reality! Despite the stupidity of Leftists in Canada, do your part and help to support the Sumas Prairie, to all the environmentalist and climate change retards, just so I’m clear Part of the Fraser Lowland, was created by draining the Sumas Lake early in the 20th Century meaning that maintaining the infrastructure of this plat of land should have been PRIORITY NUMBER 1!

The last time a major flood event occurred in the Fraser River was in May 1948 when 16,000 people were forced from their homes and 220 square kilometres of land ended up underwater. Ten people drowned.

B.C. Floods: 184 Abbotsford residents rescued by air and water in Sumas Prairie, as critical pump system could fail | vancouversun.com

Interesting times ahead!