Wives of ISIS fighters want to return home to Canada? What Will Justin Trudeau Do? – October 11, 2018

Being that I more of a person who prefers peace and Love, I tend to stay out of the topics of war. This is not something I study or enmesh myself into because quite frankly I hate war, I hate violence I hate poverty. My belief is that we have the cure for all of this already via free market economics. The reason you’re on my blog is that an entrepreneur found an inexpensive way to take the internet from the government and put it into your home. If a big government or if radical entities that wish to control or micromanage everything you do weren’t dominating this planet there’d be peace prosperity on earth which would incentivize peace.

When people are able to clearly visualize peace and prosperity and know how to create it, they tend not to be violent, they tend to be productive and their priorities change. However what is happening in Canada is that we’re importing hatred into our borders. People forget that Canada’s history isn’t perfect, we have domestic problems that we still haven’t fixed yet, like our First Nations problem, why First Nations people are being ignored to import more problems is beyond me.

GlobalNews.ca ‘I’m going to die here’: Wives of ISIS fighters want to return home to Canada

Bringing back terrorists means that less money and resources will be spent on fixing our First Nations problems. There are a lot of First Nations people in Canada suffering, they were displaced, there is a lot of internal problems within the first nations communities in Canada that haven’t been solved, yet the Canadian government thinks it’s okay to import people with a culture where women are second class citizens. Some of the words that stood out to me was this:

The 8 years is horrible, there’s nothing good here, everything has to come out of your pocket, we’re already suffering enough.

it’s like 10 years already, you know? We’re tired? We’re mentally tired, And when we jump places to there, always, bombing, bombing, bombing and then we come here, physically bombing, bombing, bombing, and then it’s like you’re on your own,

You’re on your own, I come here, And they’re like no, you’re prisoned. They took everything from me, All my jewelry, everything.

My whole life is like garbage, and then it’s like for what? For what I wait for? I’m afraid to die, I’m going to die here, I’m going to die soon, I’m going to die here.


These are some words used by a Somali woman who was assisting her husband who was fighting for ISIS, Now of course the leftists will make her sound like the victim, which could be partially true, because the argument against Islam in Western society is that they the men treat women like property, which is part of the reason why it’s very important for many people in the Islamic faith to create some form Sharia law, or Islamic law in western societies. This is what the concept revolves around, because women who aren’t property, women who are liberated are going to ask their husbands “why are we going to this war-torn country?” a mother will ask “will my children be safe”, “where are we going to stay” and Canadian woman is usually going to be concerned about her reputation and her social standing in society, so she’s not going to compromise her life because her husband has aspirations to help people he deems are needy.


GlobalNews Exclusive: Canadian member of Islamic State caught, but RCMP struggle to lay charges against ISIS fighters

This is where the argument of compatibility of cultures comes into play. Bill C-301 where Canada Passed An Anti-Islamophobia Motion was created for this exact reason. Understand that since Donald Trump got into office that ISIS fighters have been on the run like never before, let me make it clear that’s it’s not just the United States fighting against ISIS and other terrorist organizations but because the United States military is taking a more aggressive stance than the Obama administration took. This, of course, is disrupting their operations, just like when drug dealers are caught and start snitching on their friends, Jihadi’s are doing the same, the difference being that Islamic cultural and Drug Culture differ in terms of loyalty.

In the Christian faith, Christians are forgiving to fellow Christians who went astray and want to repent, the same is true for the Islamic faith. It’s only natural, right? Economically, you’ll often notice that I write about Bilateral trade deals. A bilateral trade deal is a trade deal between 2 countries. These deals are easier to manage because if one party breaks the deal, the deal can be dissolved. However when countries sign trilateral trade deals or multilateral trade deals things become far more complicated. This is why people have been against Globalism from the very beginning.

How Globalism or consolidation destroys the Sovereignty of Nations

I keep telling Canadians that Globalism doesn’t make things easier it makes things more complicated because what’s happening with a lot of these ISIS and Jihadi fighters is that they’re using international laws to get back into Canada. Canada signed up for a lot of these globalist laws and therefore when we import incompatible cultures and some of the people from these cultures fight for causes that are important to them, we as Canadians have to obey the international order that we signed up for.

This is, of course, the reason why Global News ran this piece, they’re trying to get ahead of what’s coming, the clips that can be found on their website are cut, to of course make the ISIS fighters look like victims. CBC, of course, will run their own pieces to align with the views of the Trudeau’s Liberal party and what will get swept under the rug is what Canada signed up for. This is what welfare does to nations, this is what big government does to nations this is why understanding economics is of vital importance, because sympathy for a group of people shouldn’t be determined by the government, it should be determined by individuals.

Because of international laws, these affiliated ISIS fighters are doing their best to game the legal system as much as they can. If these people are released in any capacity, based on what they’ve already been through, it’s more than likely that they’ll justify they’ll continue on their Jihadi fight. They’re heroes to a lot of Muslim sympathizers, they will be praised and get favorable attention from Islamicists who believe the rest of us Canadians are infidels. They’ll be forgiven by other radicals and they’ll set a precedence on what to do if you’re a Canada ISIS fighter caught in battle who wants to continue the Jihadi fight in Canada.

This is what Globalist laws do a nations Sovereignty and it’s nothing new, it’s been happening in all parts of Europe, it’s just that now Canada has Justin Trudeau, a man who’s more extreme than his father, a true socialist, hippie, Justin Trudeau a man who has a gender-neutral cabinet, a man who obviously believes that Canada’s best and brightest are whoever he appoints to his cabinet, regardless if they’re Qualified Justin Trudeau a friend to globalism! I advise Canadians to take this situation very seriously, they’re trying to set a precedent in Canada.

Interesting times ahead.