Woke Culture Destroying the NDP – Palestine or Israel? Divisive New Democrat Party of Canada having a difficult time picking Winners and Losers(a glimpse into Democrat Socialism) – March 31, 2021,

As per usual socialists need to find an enemy to destroy, you can’t justify the theft of private property, nor can you justify rebranding liberty and you definitely can’t limit freedom of speech without imagining an enemy that the democratically elected government needs to destroy.

The article below should give people a glimpse into Democratic socialism. Canada’s New Democratic Party, in order to garner support, needs to create some sort of monster that needs destroying, the Isreal, Palestine conflict is what we call low-hanging fruit.

Most people don’t know what’s going on there, and they only know what the woke media is promoting. The NDP knows that its bread is buttered by riding the woke media gravy train. When it comes to Democrat Socialists, they imagine their bigger government will solve most of the problems of the world, they’re also firm believers in democracy, which means, mob rule or whatever is popular for the moment, that’s who they’re going to cater their message towards.

This is why people who believe that creating monsters out a group of people is wise, should really research history. Eventually, everyone who disagrees with the NEW POPULAR WOKE culture ends up in the gas chamber. First, the government targets those rich evil people over there, then the government comes for the rich people locally, and then eventually the government comes looking for you too because after all you might become the next rich person, let’s thwart your ambitions before they even start, right? Only the Government and those in favor or supportive of the government deserve the finer things in life. That’s democratic socialism in a nutshell.

Wokeness is popular culture and popular changes like the wind, the story below is NDP divisiveness is realtime. Which side do we choose? We don’t want to alienate the other side, but popular culture is pointing us in this direction? That’s what’s happening in the NDP and it reminds me of high school, which is really sad because these are adults who could one day be leading my country.

Tensions over Israeli-Palestinian conflict persist within NDP ahead of convention | ctvnews.ca

Interesting times ahead!