Woohoo, Canadian Parents Finally Threaten Lawsuit Against What looks like a Pedophile Oakville Teacher Pretending to be “Trans” – How Will Education Minister Stephen Lecce Defend this Kayla Lemieux? – December 22, 2022,

It’s not often that I write about pure politics. Personally, I have no problem with what Kayla Lemieux does in his/her free time, I use his/her because the great thing about being trans is that you can indeed flip-flop on who you are from day to day. Kayla Lemieux wasn’t always wearing prosthetic breasts; Kayla made the decision to start wearing them one day.

Because of the progressive era we’re living in, some imagined Kayla Lemieux’s huge PROSTHETIC breasts while working for the Halton District School Board as a heroic achievement for the trans community. Allow me to point out that the Halton District School Board serves public school students throughout Halton Region.

Although I don’t think this is acceptable in private schools, I must certainly believe that the PUBLIC should have some say on who is educating their students. There are plenty of CONFIDENT Transfolks who understand decency. They comprehend that they might feel a certain way inside. However, they’re willing to FORCE their beliefs on others.

Kayla Lemieux is being selfish, and what she is doing, from my point of view, looks predator-ish. At the very Kayla Lemieux gives the appearance of a pedophile. It reminds me of when MALE teachers used to prey on young schoolgirls. As we’ve learned throughout the years, a lot of us thought male school teachers were only preying on your school girls, turns out some of them were preying on young boys also.

It’s also come to our attention that some female teachers have been preying on young boys. So I want you to imagine a woman transitioning into a man who puts a giant NOTICABLE dildo in her pants and shoving it in young women’s faces. Shop class sometimes involves close interactions between teacher and student.

Now, I’m not saying Kayla Lemieux is trying to rub fake breasts against impressionable young men in order to get some sort of reaction; what I am saying is that have you ever been to shop class? Do you think FAKE prosthetic breasts are acceptable in shop class? I don’t, and I’m happy that a group of parents has hired a lawyer to push the board to take action on the dress and deportment of teacher Kayla Lemieux.

The next question moving forward is How Will Education Minister Stephen Lecce Defend Kayla Lemieux? I’m curious to know because they will attempt to set a precedence in the public school system. If the legal defense of Stephen Lecce is successful, they’re opening the doors to pedophiles in public schools.

LILLEY: Parents threaten lawsuit, call for Lecce to act on Oakville trans teacher | torontosun.com

Interesting times ahead!