The Best WordPress Mu Hosting

The Best WordPress Mu hosting has got to be TMD Hosting. They did everything for me they’ve been the most patient hosting company I’ve ever dealt with. I even received a courtesy call when I signed up. I started off with another commonly used hosting company, and they knew nothing about WordPress mu and it’s features so I had gotten to the point where is like wow I might have to hire a programmer to get my wordpress mu blog up and running.

That was until I bumped into TMD Hosting through wordpress forum link. They completely setup my website for free. They helped with everything. Every tech related problem they had an answer for I have yet to run into any wordpress mu problems that they can’t fix.

Next is price, for $46 a year you can have a wordpress blog up and running. If the yearly fee is too much they have a month to month plan but I don’t recommend you take that because then they hit you with activation fees and such.

on the customer support side don’t take my word for it talk to them or contact them with any issues you might have they’ve always been kind and very helpful to me as well as called me when I emailed them with a problem and did not respond to their response. They are very knowledgeable with the monster blogs Wordpres Mu is a monster blog unlike the standard wordpress blog MU can do so much more and gives you more options to build your blog.

This blog I’m using is an MU blog although it’s in its basic stages I will be updating it soon when I’m done with my other blogs. I highly recommend TMD hosting and I wish you and your blog much success please leave me any comments or concerns you have below.