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The companies I point to on this page are companies I currently use to make money online! I use other others but these are my foundations.

Get paid to create and post short url links

Have you ever heard of If you haven’t it’s a website that makes long URLs shorter example if your websites name was just as an example TinyURL could make that URL a lot shorter well a few webmasters have taken this idea a bit farther and added a cash component to it how it works is you sign up and shrink links and post these links on your website blog or if you send a free link to a friend you can use this link instead and get paid.

It’s hard for me to explain so here is an example if you click here(link opens in a new tab) you will be taken to this webpage however before you get there you will be greeted with an advertisement if you look at your top right-hand corner you will see a button that says “skip ad” once you click that you will be able to view the Google search website. If you’re a member of this website you will also be compensated. There a few of these websites around the internet, however, most don’t pay and if they do they don’t pay you on time, the money won’t make you rich but it’s definitely a start with no financial investment on your part.

Get Paid to create short urls – -International

Work From home posting YouTube Video’s

Yes you can make money from YouTube. My advice however is don’t be one of those people that post videos telling people how much money they can make joining this and that pyramid scheme. Create entertaining videos, funny video’s inspirational videos. Videos that have absolutely nothing to do with making money online. Entertaining videos are the videos that go viral and get the most views try not to forget that.

If you have a skill or talent and you’re not shy display it for the world to see, if you have a pet or pets that do funny things post a video on YouTube of it, If you know how to fix a certain car put it on YouTube, People love cars and love information pertaining to cars, If you hunt or fish and have tips post it on YouTube, There are so many ways to get views and make money on YouTube.

I just gave you priceless information right there! Click the link below for more information on tools that can help you to get noticed on Youtube because standing out isn’t also an accidental thing, a lot of the times Yutubers are using special skills to get an unfair advantage over others.

Make money online from Youtube


The offer below is for people looking to make a serious career working from home. Both time and financial commitment are required like any business. I’ve personally used the program below and it works Chris breaks everything down for newbies. 

Working From Home Full Time is not for everyone and if you check out both the program below you will clearly see why. Like any job or business venture, the more you work at it the better you’ll get and the easier everything will become (repetition). That being said, 9 out every 10 persons that sign up will quit. That’s why only 10% of the people online make 90% of the money online. If you’re only looking for part-time income online please do not sign up. Thank You and best wishes!


How To Work From Home Full Time – Comprehensive digital marketing training on the Internet – Advanced Support

If you would like to create residual wealth online I am recommending ClickBank University, If you just want to make money online it’s best to join this site. They’ll teach you the building blocks you need to succeed online. They’ve been consistent and have a massive network wich will help you to generate sales, Furthermore, whereas some networks will not pay you for the sales you generate, this company will.

Also, what will stand out about ClickBank University is their service, which will be hard to appreciate until you make the mistake of joining another network. Other networks will give you some material and ignore you when you need assistance.

At ClickBank University their success is dependant on your success, so their entire focus will be zerod in on making you successful and I’d like to point out that when you join ClickBank University you won’t be stuck promoting one product, anything you want to sell online you will learn the skills to sell using ClickBank University.

It’s a great opportunity and you shouldn’t pass on this limited time offer, because from time to time when registration is full, they will alter the training and have waiting lists, I recommend joining now.

Work From Home Fulltime – ClickBank University