How To Work From Home Free

How To Work From Home Free

How To Work From Home Free

To start off, I want to let you the reader understand that I do live in both Canada and the United States so most of the programs that worked for me are Canadian and U.S. based online companies. There are programs I mention on this post that are international, but most of the FREE make money programs in this article are U.S. and Canada based. I know this is a long post but I don’t like to repeat myself, so I just put it all out here for you to read. Please excuse errors. Leave a message in the comments section and I will correct it. I wrote this post in my spare time and I am no English major.

There are plenty of ways to make money online but I will only recommend the ones I know of. Let me explain to you the type of person I am first. I am an online entrepreneur. By that I mean I will not pay to be a part of someone‘s matrix scheme, MLM/Network marketing scheme, pyramid scheme, or even HYIP. The only time you will see me pay for a service is if I require the information or if it’s a particular online product that will make my life easier.

Furthermore I do not recommend that anyone pay some online company a monthly fee just to make them money, (meaning, you pay me just so you can recommend me to your family and friends and then I pay you once you’ve made me enough money). I will say this loud and clear:  The key to making money is INTERNET MARKETING. Once you understand Internet Marketing, you can sell anything you wish and you will be in control of how you make money online; which from my personal experience is the best feeling in the world.

To start, I am going to list FREE-to-join programs that pay everyday people to do simple things. For the record, all of these survey companies are supported by advertisers and corporate sponsors which means companies and businesses pay the survey company or any free-to-join company and then the company pays you. I say this because some of the offers or surveys might be or seem a bit shady and it’s your responsibility to research. Don’t let your curiosity get the better of you online –  always do your research. Plus at the bottom of this page, you can use the link to contact me if you’re unsure about something.

How To Work From Home Free – Doing Web Surveys

There used to be a lot of good survey companies online but because of cheat survey softwares and spammers abusing the web survey industry, things have made a bit of a turn. Survey companies, even the best ones, are clamping down and unfortunately the honest members are the ones suffering. That being said, at the moment I am only recommending 6 survey companies. Because of my busy schedule, it’s hard for me to write a real review on all the ones I would like to. So I am going with the three that have made me the most money in 2010.

– The first survey company is a U.S. based survey company. If you are not currently living in the United States, Canada, the U.K or Australia don’t sign up. Like I’ve said, this industry is clamping down and unfortunately most of the cheaters, from my understanding, live outside the U.S. This along with other factors, I’m guessing, has caused a drastic decline in international membership.

The major difference between this survey company and others is the low payout from most other companies, and also the fact that you can choose the types of survey you want to take. Another thing is you really win money with this survey company.

Click Here to Work From Home doing Web Surveys – Global Test Market

Valued Opinions is one of the more professional and traditional survey companies. Once you sign up, Isabel or one of their staff members will approve you manually. Be sure to check the email address that you use to sign up. This company is only open to United States residents.

Click Here to Work From Home doing Web Surveys – Valued Opinions

This next web survey company is for Canadian, American, U.K., and Australian residents. It’s not only a free survey company, it’s also a free survey directory. Because of this source, I was able to begin making money online doing surveys with legit survey companies. Web surveys are now much about where you reside. This company will match you with the right web survey companies. Highly recommended.

Click Here to Work From Home doing Web Surveys – SurveyClub

If your country was not listed above and you want to make money taking online surveys, there is only one company that I recommend. This is like a middle man company that will match you with other free survey companies based on your location. If you live in Canada, U.S., Australia, or the U.K., personally I don’t think this service is necessary. The company is called Survey Scout. It’s a survey directory and is only worth the $35 if you want to make a career out of doing surveys online.

Click Here to Work From Home doing Web Surveys – Survey Scout

How To Work From Home Free – Get Paid to Shop

Commonly called the freebie industry, this is by far the FASTEST way to make money online. It actually angers me whenever people bash this industry. Not only can you get paid to shop, but through this company you actually get free educational material on how to make money online from different areas of the internet. This first company is for United States residents only. If you’ve never gotten paid online I highly recommend you check this out.

Make sure when you sign up that you take the time to read the material – it helps a lot. In the money making process, I’ve found that those who read the instructions are the most successful at this. What I like the most about Project Payday is that it’s never ending and that it’s also educational. You might not get rich from this but I personal know over 100 people who make $1000 per month just from using Project pay day. It’s here to stay and the system they created has limitless potential. United States residents click the link below. If you find yourself in a position whereby you feel forced to pay in order to sign up and you don’t want too than just pass on this opportunity. I want to also point out however that project payday has been paying me weekly for almost 4 years now!

Click Here to Work From Home doing Freebies – Project Pay Day

Initially I did not like this company. 2012 is the date I’m adding this company to the list and the reason I’m adding it is because I received my payment, it took longer than expected but they did pay up and in the interest of fairness I will add it to my list Snap Dollars is best used for paid to shop and in my opinion should serve as your second option to Project pay day. Canadian and American residents only

Click Here to Work From Home doing Freebies – Snap Dollars

I’m sure if you’re reading this you’ve heard about this next company watching television commercials, the difference between the company below and the one above is that with Ebates it’s much harder to make a constant stream of wealth because there’s basically only two ways to earn from Ebates the first being to paid to shop and the other being finding referral(s). Ebates won’t be as profitable as project pay day mainly because project pay day has three methods to making money and all their methods pay with physical cash, whereas with Ebates there will be times where they pay you with gift cards and bonuses. However Ebates in most instances has a greater quantity of places to shop because it networks similar to the way Groupon does. Ebates is perfect for a passive stream of online income. Canada and America can profit from this opportunity but other countries should consider clicking the link because i’m not exactly sure I know they have plans of expanding.

Click Here to Work From Home paid to shop – Ebates

This company is last on my list for paid shop opportunities for a reason and that reason is because they pay you with Swag Bucks. However Swag Bucks can buy you things that I recommend selling on eBay or Amazon. My thought process when it comes to this site is if I’m really bored I’ll use it. Some people love this site I don’t!

Click Here to Work From Home paid to shop – Swag Bucks

How To Work From Home Free – Get Paid to Read Emails

Now to be honest this one is a bit tricky. Many of these companies are now mixing paid to read emails sites in with getting paid to shop. Also I have seen a decline in recent month’s in the amount of money I am personally making in this industry. Now I will be honest with you – the problem with this industry with the exception of the first company is SPAM, so you might want to consider using a separate email address for a few of these programs.

The first program I’ve actually had the longest relationship with – they were actually one of the first online companies to make it on American national television. They are also one of the fastest payers in this industry. Also this program rewards active participation – it’s a lot different from other get-paid-to programs because their system is very easy to grasp.  U.S. only

Get Paid To Read Emails – Inbox Dollars

Things on have really slowed down. This used to be my favorite paid to read emails program – not sure if it has to do with the recession. They still pay but as it stands now it’s not much. Worth checking out I guess – maybe things might get better in the future. International user base.

Get Paid to read emails International – Hits4Pay

Get Paid to Play Games

Get paid to play games. How it works is that you compete with others to win money. If you are playing games online, why not get paid for it? Not going to make you rich but you can make money while passing the time.

Sign up to PLAY GAMES and GET PAID !!! Click Here

Get Paid From Twitter

Yes you did read that correctly get paid from Twitter you might even be surprised to learn that some celebrities get paid to tweet but… there is a catch however which is you’ll need at least 100 followers “I think” If you’re having trouble finding followers I’ve added a website that will help fix that problem.

Get Paid From Twitter Today – International

Need Twitter Followers? the link below will help you grow your twitter friends list Free. 1 warning before you sign up. Only follow people who stay following you back. If someone follows you and you notice that their “following” is a lot less people than their “followers” un-follow them immediately because what will happen is that your Following to Followers ratio will be in favor of “following” which will make your twitter account look suspect and may cause you to make less money from Twitter offers. Make sure “Followback” is one of your interests. You should be able to reach 2000+ followers with “Followback” as one of your interests.

Twitter Friend Exchange – International

To see who un-followed you on Twitter consider using the link below.

Use this site to see who un-followed you

Get Paid to a Variety of Things

This is a network of business professionals in which you can get paid to read emails and a bunch of other things it might take some time to sign up, I don’t recommended using their upgraded services

Business Social Network – International

Get Paid to be a Freelance Writer

When you sign up for this program, make sure you sign up for the “Looking for Work” section. I have hired multiple people, mostly writers, using this company. The downside is you have to bid for Jobs. The upside is there are TONS of Job openings. My advice is, be smart – build up your credibility and then charge higher prices. Look at this the same way you would any job: you start off at the bottom and then you work your way up. There are people making over $10,000 per month. You will hear me say this constantly –DON’T BE SHY!!! If you know you can do the job, fight for it. Show your interest. There is enough money there for everyone. As an employer myself, I look for people who have a passion for what they do. It’s a win for all. Important: Make sure you list skills that you really do have. It makes no sense to lie because your feedback will go down. World Wide Opportunity.

Get Paid to be a Free Lancer Working From Home – International

This other program is good to if you would like to get paid to be a writer. You must sign up as an Author. Very good company – constantly growing.

Get Paid to be a Free Lancer Working From Home -International

Another company to get paid to write with is Associated Content which is a part of the Yahoo network now.

Get Paid to be a Free Lancer Working From Home International

Get Paid Programs International

I will be honest – I don’t like this site that much but I get a lot of emails from people saying they’re not from North America and they want to work from home. So these last two websites should help those people get started.

Get Paid to do things online – CashCrate – International

The site below is new to the list and has just been added in 2012. It works very similar to Cashcrate above signing up for the program below will enable you to make money signing up for offers and participating in programs related to their site. The webmaster assures me that all people joining through my recommendation will be paid for participating. I am always skeptical and what I like about the site listed below is the fact that there is a low minimum payout requirement. My complaint with this program however is the small amount of money they pay people to join certain programs that I know pay more to join. Example there are sites on Cashcrate that will pay a person three times the amount this site will pay. The difference however is that you can receive your cash sooner using get-paid. Why am I adding this site if I don’t like it? Because it’s free and as far as I know it does pay people.

Get Paid to do things online – Get-Paid – International

At this website, you make up to 1 cent (usd) per advertisement watched. Now obviously that’s not a lot of money. But the difference with this site is that you only need to spend around 3 minutes a day on it and also you can earn from referrals. The website below is built like an investment. Some people make up to $2000 per month because of their membership status and their referral count. I’m not one of those people. But on that note, I’ve never lost money using this site. There is one drawback as a free member, and that is if you are not active as a free member you will not get credit from your referrals and you also risk having your account deleted.

There is also a payment threshold and the website makes most of its money because most members never reach the payment threshold. Only around 10% of the members will stick around, which means 90% of the people who join will either quit or have their accounts deleted due to inactivity. It’s a genius idea in my opinion but I also understand it’s not for everyone. If you can commit 3 minutes a day to find referrals or purchase referrals, this site might be worth it. I don’t promise anything but I’ve seen the results for myself. It’s free to join. If you’re interested, it’s also a good way to break the cycle of never making money online.

Get Paid to Click – Neobux -International


Work From home posting YouTube Video’s

Yes you can make money from YouTube. My advice however don’t be one of those people that post videos telling people how much money they can make joining this and that pyramid scheme. Create entertaining video’s, funny video’s inspirational video’s. Video’s that have absolutely nothing to do with making money online. Entertaining video’s are the video’s that go viral and get the most views try not to forget that. If you have a skill or talent and your not shy display it for the world to see, if you have a pet or pets that do funny things post a video on YouTube of it, If you know how to fix a certain car put it on YouTube, People love cars and love information pertaining to cars, If you hunt or fish and have tips post it on YouTube, There are so many ways to get views and make money on YouTube. I just gave you priceless information right there! click the link below for more information.

Make money online from youtube



Thank you for reading my blog post. Sorry it was so long, but hey, this is what I love to do. If there are errors click here to contact me.