Is WorkAtHomeTheMagazine a Scam

First and formost i would like to let the reader know that is not a legit news website in case you did not notice this is nothing more than an ‘Advertorial’ which means that’s sole purpose is to recommend a product or service to you.

The product or service that Work At Home The Magazine recommends to you might be different depending on your location. Being that i am in the U.S the website that i was shown has a young lady who goes by the name ‘Melissa Johnson’ she tells a story of how she made all this money then i am recommended to go to a website called When i get there i am greeted by a Robert Allen who is recommending that I sign up for one of his products.

Personally i am not a fan of Robert Allens products although they may have worked for other people i find his way of doing things online not to work for me. You can try his products if you want do not let me stop you.  Just be sure that understand that if you try his products that you must be prepared to do it all the way. I say this based on his satisfaction guarantee which can be found at this page:

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