Review Is It a Scam

I thought the internet was passed this apparently it’s not i almost feel like i am reliving 2009 all over again. this article can also be used for and as it seems that all of these sites seemed to involved with the same company

There are certain areas to be aware of on a website to know if it’s a scam. The first area is the comments section if scroll to the bottom of my page you will notice that the comments section is enabled and anyone can post a comment. If you go to a news website and you see a comment that says something like “Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time.” or “Comments disabled due to spam” then scam alarms should be ringing off in your head.

My comments are moderated due to spam but they will never be disabled or closed on a blog post.  Another thing i want to make clear is that working from home is in no way a walk in the park anyone that is telling that you can make thousands of dollars on the internet like it’s a cake walk is lieing to you.

Now in terms of it’s nothing more than an advertorial posing as a legitimate news website at the time i am writing this post which is April 2 2010 the links are pointing to a site called Now all i will say is that i am not a fan of pyramid looking business ideas.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed from Work From Home  Scams

Make sure before you join anything that you read the terms and conditions also known as the fine print. Be especially wary whenever your credit card is involved. There are lots of legitimate companies online but there are also allot of scams online and the best way to avoid getting scammed is to read the or at least skim through the terms and conditions and the privacy policy before make a payment. If that information is not available on the order page don’t buy it’s just tht simple.

If you want to make money online you do not have to pay to do so you can make money without spending a dime. You can make money doing online surveys or you can get paid to shop online. These are real work at home jobs and will require your attention and time especially when you are just getting started.

This First company will pay you to shop, If you are going to sign up I recommend taking the time to read the information they lay out for you it will make the process allot easier and get money in your pockets fast. There is no company or industry that will pay you real cash then being paid to shop.

500300  OnlineNews6 Review Is It a Scam

This next website will pay you to shop take surveys, read emails, play games and host of other things. It’s not as educational as the one above but it works and pays out weekly completely free to sign up, if you don’t live in the U.S it might not be worth it to join as many of the surveys, games, and other money making opportunities are U.S based.

 OnlineNews6   Review Is It a Scam

This last site is for taking surveys if you like or don’t mind doing surveys and getting paid for it i recommend this one. United States, Canada, U.K and Australia will see the best results you will see why when you sign up again it’s completely free to join the catch is you might not qualify for every survey.

 OnlineNews6   Review Is It a Scam
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